First off, I will admit that I am by no means a lover of Islam or Islamic culture. While it is not the religion itself that hurts the women and children of Muslim nations, the belief system is still used as a way to subjugate females of all ages in such countries as Libya, Iran, and especially Saudi Arabia (which isn’t under the ban, by the way – apparently because Trump has business interests in that oil-rich dustbowl).

However, it is not really democratic – we do understand that Trump is a Republican or at least has the sneaky ways of a wealthy Far Right dictator – to ban those of a certain religion from select countries when there are just as many Muslims in Africa and particularly Asia, and some of them mistreat their women more badly than those of the Middle East, not to mention that they can be terrorists as well. And what about the non-Muslim terrorists? What about the White Nationalists here in America? Will they be deported when Trump starts trying to send illegal aliens back to their homelands?

Banning Muslims from the US is not going to stop terrorism. In fact, I will submit to you that this ban, if it ever goes into effect, will have the opposite result – ISIS and the group’s sympathizers will find a way to, in Trump’s own words, ‘bomb the shit’ out of America. It is going to happen anyway and that’s a given.

Perhaps if Trump stops the free ride that the US has been allowing Israel since that state came into being, the terrorists will find another target. One of their main reasons for despising the West is our support of that Zionist state. This is why many people blame Israel and the Jews for the 9/11 attacks. It’s not that they really believe that Jews conspired with the Arabs to perpetrate the attacks (though some actually do), it’s that they know one of the reasons 9/11 happened at all is because of American support for the Zionists in Israel over the Palestinians, whom they keep slaughtering like crazy while the world sits by and allows the murdering rampage to take place.

What is America coming to? Are we stepping back in time to the Black Codes and Jim Crow, when racial segregation was the law of the land, at least in the Southern region? Are we harking back to the immigration quotas of that time, when people from countries like Egypt (another of Trump’s Muslim nations that, due to his business interests, isn’t under the ban), Kenya, and China were considered ‘undesirables’ and either banned from entering the country or the quotas were so low that only a certain number of people could enter in any given year.

In 1870, the law was broadened to allow African Americans to be naturalized.[2] Asian immigrants were excluded from naturalization but not from living in the United States. There were also significant restrictions on some Asians at the state level; in California, for example, non-citizen Asians were not allowed to own land.

In 1932 President Hoover and the State Department essentially shut down immigration during the Great Depression as immigration went from 236,000 in 1929 to 23,000 in 1933. This was accompanied by voluntary repatriation to Europe and Mexico, and coerced repatriation and deportation of between 500,000 and 2 million Mexican Americans, mostly citizens, in the Mexican Repatriation. Total immigration in the decade of 1931 to 1940 was 528,000 averaging less than 53,000 a year. – Wikipedia

What Pence Tweeted in 2015 re: Trump’s plans to ban Muslims

That Trump signed this Executive Order on Holocaust Remembrance Day reveals the man’s total ignorance of history, his callousness at human suffering, and his bigotry – after all, he is half German and many German Americans seem to be more Nazi-oriented than the natives of Germany herself. I am sure all of the racists that voted this douchebag into office are rejoicing, thinking that their hero is going to build that wall, deport those illegals, and keep the terrorists out of their ‘great America’. 

I beg to differ.


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