Why are women in Muslim countries mistreated so? Why is there such rampant infanticide of female babies (particularly in Islamic Asia) that the end result is more than 50 million ‘missing’ women, who would be alive today if they hadn’t been girl fetuses? Why are there such barbaric practices such as the stoning of adulterers (especially if they are women) and genital mutilation and honor killings, all mostly or exclusively perpetrated against women?

This is the main reason I have for being an opponent of Islam – hell, any of those Big 3 Patriarchal religions – and I would never marry a man of that faith (or who is Jewish or Christian for that matter – because I know that women are just as ‘good’ as well as ‘bad’ as men, I believe in equality, and if that bugs the hell out of you, piss off, crawl under a rock somewhere, go jump off a cliff and good damn riddance to you.

According to one article, the true cause of sexism in the Arab world is that for decades, the Middle East was under Turkish (Ottomans, as they were referred to then), British and French rule. These foreign rulers ‘tricked’ the Arab men into submission by giving them absolute power over the women. Yet another article – written by an Arab male – negates this theory, and scholars (including Glenn Hausfater and William M. Watt) state that female infanticide before the spread of Islam was widely practiced, and that Islam actually improved the status of women and girls to a certain extent. Not so the writer of the aforementioned article, Ali A. Rizvi, who argues that:

And at various points, the Quran, like the other Abrahamic scriptures, contains passages that are plainly sexist: from advocating beating women (4:34), to advocating sex with female prisoners of war even if they’re married (4:24), to instructions on how to divorce a wife who hasn’t yet had her first period (65:4), to declaring menstruation an illness (2:222), to making two female witnesses equivalent to one male because “if one errs, the other can remind her” (2:282), to saying straight out that men are superior and have authority over women (2:228, 4:34)

The truth with the entire matter of misogyny in the world today is that ISLAM, JUDAISM and CHRISTIANITY are all to blame for global hatred of women. Unfortunately, these 3 Semitic religions have shaped the cultures of the Western world, the Middle East, most of Africa as well as a large part of Asia and South America. Women are considered inferior to men in every way, boys are prized over girls in most countries (not just the Third World but in the First and Second too, where you will find books with titles like ‘How to Choose The Sex of Your Baby), and the feminine – aside from cars of course – is widely held to be below par compared with the masculine. Hence the reason for some of the animosity towards cats, an animal that is usually considered female, in contrast to the dog.

Women here in the supposedly ‘great’ United States are losing rather than retaining whatever rights they thought they had before Trump, the all powerful White Knight, whom his fans so love and adore (as one ignoramus posted via social media), ascended to the throne. Bible Thumpers are out in full force with their banners and placards in favor of dismantling Roe vs. Wade, at least until their precious White daughters become knocked up by some slavering rapist who will probably be an illegal alien (Mexicans come here to rape White women, Trump and his fans have proclaimed). I’m not sure what the world is coming to, but it’s going to become really bad for us women and I hope you Right wing bitches realize that before it’s too late. What am I writing? It’s already too late!


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