1. the practice of giving unfair preferential treatment to one person or group at the expense of another.
    synonyms: partialitypartisanship, preferential treatment, favorprejudicebiasinequalityunfairnessdiscrimination

    “we want one rule for everyone and no favoritism”

I have always wondered why people show favoritism the way they do. My mother is a prime example of this behavior. She has favored my baby sister nearly from Day One (though she admitted to my brother, a cousin, and me that she was mean to my sister the first few weeks after her birth, even going so far as to wish for the baby’s death). I am not sure if the reasons she prefers my baby sister is due to the fact my sister never knew her real father or because she is mixed, but there it is. She loves her the best, and as a result, prefers her two daughters over the son of my other younger sister.

The sperm donor – my name for the man who impregnated my mother, thus resulting in my creation – always favored the daughter he had with a White woman. I never learned if this is because she’s more ‘White’ than my brother and me or not, since she has the appearance of a Biracial person (part Black, part White) and not someone with mostly White genes. Apparently, she no longer speaks to him due to the fact that he tried to ‘set her up’ to get busted as a drug dealer, as Black thugs are the type of guys she likes to date and she probably was helping one to sell dope at the time. I haven’t spoken with her personally in years, so I have no idea what truly happened but the Sperm Donor is a Major Prick so whatever occurred, it was entirely his doing.

My fiance often accuses his mother and step father of favoring his own baby sister. This is a spoiled and very lazy woman, almost 30 years old, who has only held 3 jobs (and not for very long, maybe a month or two for each position), has a child of nearly 10 who was taken care of by his grandmother for more than a year whilst she lived on the streets with a crack-and-heroin addicted skinhead, gets food stamps which she hands over to her mom as ‘payment’ for living at home, and wants all these damn dogs running about the house that she doesn’t even take financial responsibility for. Of course her father will favor her, she’s his only child and what does he care that at age 13, she tried to quit school and demanded that they allow her to move her boyfriend into the home, and when they didn’t, accused her father of molesting her so that the Department of Social Services made him move out while they investigated the situation?

White people are crazy!

I have read of parents who favored the oldest boy simply because he was male, or the youngest child, or even the only daughter. My long-deceased aunt favored her oldest daughter (she had 3), whilst her husband’s favorite was the middle girl. The baby of the family was totally ignored – she’s now turned out to be the most intelligent of the trio, as her older sis wound up married to a crackhead (they’ve since divorced) with 3 kids of her own, and the youngest with a weirdo who’s addicted to prescription drugs (they also have a child).

I have worked jobs where the supervisor or manager played favorites. Yes, it happens with adults and not just children! Unfortunately, it’s a sad reality of life, a true flaw of human nature, that favoritism exists. I wish that it didn’t but it does and that’s how it is and we must learn to live with it and try to forgive those that are guilty of it, whilst moving on with our lives. I’ve forgiven my mother for not being that close to me – I was my maternal grandparents’ favorite and everyone knew it and resented that fact – but right now, I cannot forgive her for blatantly choosing 2 grandchildren over the other.


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