Black Separatist Group

According to Christian Identity followers, skinheads, Klansmen, White supremacists and other racists (including those that are Black and otherwise), race mixing – otherwise known as miscegenation – is a sin. These bigots even go so far as to use the world’s best selling book of fairy tales, the Bible, as the inspiration and guidelines for their loathsome beliefs.

Now I am no lover of the human race, but I do believe firmly that despite the differences in skin color and features and hair texture – which are the most obvious distinctions among the various ethnicities – that the human race is one big (un)happy family.  I also believe in evolution and not creationism which may explain my belief in one race of humans, and not 3 different races (Caucasian, African, and Asian) with several offshoot races that formed as a result of – what else? – race mixing!

Yes, there are races of humans but they are simply the sub-species of the human race itself, and not different in the way felines and canines are. If you believe otherwise, you are a sad excuse for a person and I hope to never meet you in real life, because I’d probably bitch-slap you. Not. I’d simply ignore you especially if you are as dumb as most people – particularly Millennials – these days.

One thing about Whites and evolution is, they do not want to believe that they are descended from Hate Thy Neighbor was about the ‘largest Neo-Nazi group in America’, and one of the yokels stated that Asians are like cats – their eyes, their limberness, their slender frames, their high voices, their femininity or whatever…and Blacks are like monkeys due to their skin color, their features, their ability to jump…apes. They totally do not believe that they are, and I have heard White supremacists and other racists of pale skin tone declare fervently that it is the ‘muds’ – especially Black people – that are primates. In fact, the first episode of

Does that sound like the ravings of a lunatic or what?

Now there existed a ‘Christian Zionist’ named David Ben Ariel. Not sure if this guy was born Jewish or just pretended to be one, he looked like an Aryan but with those people, who can tell? At any rate, he was a foaming-at-the-mouth bigot who proclaimed via his blog that interracial marriages, mixed children, and homosexuality were all sinful. He also admitted to having been in a gay relationship but was ‘cured’ through the grace of God – however, he never mentioned having married a woman nor fathering any pure White children, so my guess is that he wasn’t ‘cured’ of homosexuality after all.


This guy was just another White supremacist who used the great book of fables to justify his racism. Guess what happened to the fool? He died of AIDS…yep. ‘Cured’ of homosexuality yet gets the damn package anyway and dies slowly and horribly…what a way to go! I hope he saw a great black devil at the foot of his bed when he finally croaked.

White men started all this hated race mixing, and thus perpetuate it by marrying Asian mail order brides while their White women run into the arms of big Black bucks with larger penises, or so they believe, creating a new race of people that defy any category because no matter how light the skin of a Eurasian, that person is still biracial and most of them look Asian (Joanna Gaines & Chrissy Teigen are prime examples). If you believe that miscegenation is ‘wrong’ or ‘sinful’, you are proclaiming to all that the entire population of Mexico, as well as other Latin countries, are ‘going to hell’ because they happen to be of mixed blood (mestizos for the most part).

People can marry and be with whomever they choose to and if others don’t like it. they’ll have to deal with it themselves. I think a lot of stems from jealousy and a deep down urging to fuck someone of another race, so many have that fantasy yet lack the guts – or the attractiveness – to carry it out.  Let people be with who they want to be with – and yes, this goes to my mother who is a big time racist!


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