1. the interbreeding of people considered to be of different racial types.

Lately, there have been a lot of TV commercials featuring interracial families and mothers of one race with obviously biracial children. One would think, in such a progressive age as we supposedly live in, that these ads full of fake families that actually do represent a segment of American society, wouldn’t create such a hateful backlash from viewers. But they do.
In an era of Right Wing bigotry, Christian Right prejudices, and outright White supremacy, merely the appearance of a family made up of models and actors in TV ads is enough to get Caucasian blood boiling – it doesn’t take much to make that happen, mind you! One of the first of these interracial ads that I heard of which pissed off the White Majority is the Cheerios ad featuring a cute little biracial girl, her White mother, and her Black father.

Cheerios Controversial Ad

White men evidently created this commercial, so why the furor over a coupling one sees nearly every day here in the US as well as in such countries as Britain, France, and even Germany? I saw mixed race children in Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, and Paris during my last month-long trip abroad, as well as interracial couples in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris – and a White German man actually bade me ‘good day’ with a smile in Munich…on my trips in 1999 – 2001, I also saw mixed children and couples and no one batted an eye.

Nearly a year ago, Old Navy Tweeted this ad during a 30% off promotion they were running:

Oh, happy day! Our is finally here. Take 30% off your entire purchase:

You may read the Tweets that came about as a result here. I wonder, if the woman and child in the ad had been Asian, would Whites have reacted as angrily? Probably so, you can never tell with those people. After all, when you realize that White men were taking Black women from the slave quarters to fuck whilst White women were gazing hungrily out at the Black bucks, muscular from their hard labor in the fields, who can truly be blamed for race relations in America but the White man himself?

Where the hell are we living, in Nazi Germany under the Nuremberg laws or Apartheid South Africa?
I don’t know what it is about race and interracial relationships in this country, but boy, reading some of the shit White racists post via social media is enough to make me glad I am a misanthropist who has no trust at all in humans no matter their color though White people in particular are cause for me to be very wary. Hell, I am not really all that comfortable with my fiance’s family just because of the history of the South and I admit it – I even told my boyfriend. Slavery’s legacy, the Black Codes, Jim Crow, and the Civil Rights Movement have all shaped our lives for years to come, no matter what Libs and others may write or say or feel.
It’s sad that love of any kind can be a cause for so much hate.
Between who, I ask of the Jewess? God’s ‘Chosen People’ & Gentiles?

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