I grew up in an alcoholic household and then one that thrived on crack cocaine. As a child and teen having to put up with adult issues way before my time, I have little if any empathy for drug addicts and alcoholics. I don’t believe there is such an illness as ‘substance abuse disorder’ so you over-educated fools that came up with the lie should be flogged in public. Alcoholism is not a disease nor is drug addiction, it’s just a cop-out (the way suicide is) for those with no moral compass or strength.

I have lived with addicts all of my life and never thought I’d wind up living with another one after so many years of being on my own – and loving it. I have 4 younger siblings, though only 1 with the same parents, and the middle sibling and the youngest are both addicts. They drink, they smoke pot and cigarettes; one of them even went through a cocaine addiction. People claim that addiction can be inherited but I’m here to tell you that’s not true for if it were, both my brother and I, who suffered through a lot of pain together, would be raving dopers by now.

My boyfriend/fiance is an addict. He was an alcoholic from age 16 to about 21, got into smoking weed at a young age, then he started on the crack, the meth, the heroin, and finally, the pain pills. He currently has to visit the local clinic every day – except Sunday – for his daily dose of Methadone. If he misses a dose, he goes into such intense withdrawal that in order to alleviate the pain, he must either crush and snort several pain pills, or shoot up bags of heroin. The clinic gives all the addicts a take home dose on Saturdays and before every holiday that they are closed, at taxpayer’s expense. My bf has been on Methadone nearly 3 years now and all it’s done for him is cause him to be constipated.

Some people simply have no backbone. They are weak but when you tell them so, they grow angry and try to put the blame on someone, anyone else but themselves. On an Intervention episode that I saw recently, there was this Korean woman and a Hispanic male, no longer together, with their mixed children, one of whom was a raving addict – she even prostituted herself for drug money – yet she was engaged, to an Anglo (and he lacked self esteem to even want to be with that creature). The Asian told the Interventionist that her daughter was weak, and that’s why she was an addict – but of course, the Interventionist didn’t want to hear that because he’d been an addict himself!

Of course addicts are weak! That’s why they become addicts in the first damn place. Do you think that a strong, morally intact individual will wind up snorting coke, shooting heroin, or smoking meth?

Nicotine addicts are weak. Caffeine drinkers are weak. If they weren’t, they could live one full day without their precious cigarettes or non-decaf coffee. I have worked in offices where decaf coffee wasn’t even available, and in some where only one pot of decaf would be made in the morning but 3 pots of caffeinated were – and then they would make more caffeinated coffee after lunch! I used to drink cider or hot chocolate to avoid the caffeine overload because that’s the year I realized that I had a caffeine sensitivity.

Caffeine is in sodas to make people addicted to them – because there‘s no reason why there should be caffeine in colas, citrus sodas, or cherry flavored ones like Dr. Pepper and Cheerwine, 2 of my faves when I was still drinking soda (I haven’t had any since last Christmas and probably never will again). And sugar! I am struggling to get through that one even yet, and I believe that I will master those terrible cravings this year. I can and I will get through it.

However, addiction to illegal and prescription drugs is far worse than a mere dependency on sugar. It wreaks havoc on your body and your mind, destroys interpersonal relationships, and bankrupts not only the addict, but her/his loved ones as well. It cripples entire families and often the addict winds up dead at an early age because of his/her addiction. Believe me. Watch certain Intervention episodes where the addict they tried to help got out of rehab and then went back to using, and overdosed as a result. I just saw one of these a few weeks ago and it sent chills along my spine. That young woman received FREE help but threw it back in their faces, and lost her life because of it. Pathetic.

Addiction is a weakness, not a disease. Face that reality and you will be set free. At least, I hope so.


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