All addicts are spineless. This is why they would rather ‘get high’ than face life. Hell, life isn’t easy for anybody, not even Prince William or for that matter, Donald Trump. No one has it easy in life, it’s just that some of us are able to buy our way out of trouble or poverty. All of you drunks and dopers out there should look at those less fortunate than you are – starving children in parts of Africa, girls being mistreated in Asia, women being degraded in the Middle East, the people of Haiti, etc. You think you have got problems? Imagine living in a less developed country, you’d really have something to bitch about then.

Most addicts are enabled by their parents or siblings or other relatives. They feel entitled, as if the world owes them something, and they don’t care who they hurt with their addictions. They are some of the most self-centered people around, and I should know because I grew up around alcoholism, cocaine addiction (powder and crack), and now I am living with an opiate-dependent individual. He is one of those selfish addicts who feels that he is owed something just because his mother, who liked to go to the clubs when she was younger to meet men, abandoned him to his great-grandmother. His mom apparently feels the same way, because she’s always giving him – a grown man who is in his early 40s – money all the time, even though he has a job making $16 an hour!

If you watch any episode of Intervention, you will learn that not only do many parents allow their adult children to live with them scot free, they also hand them cash to buy drugs to feed their often many addictions. I have seen this time and again. White parents are particularly bad for doing this. I don’t see too many people of color on Intervention, and I’m not sure if this is because they simply do not seek help the way White people do, or because of producer’s prejudices – maybe they just want to help those skinny little White girls who used to be oh, so pretty before meth ruined their looks?

Just as I wrote yesterday, addiction is not a disease. it is a weakness. What do you think it is when I cannot drink coffee without putting sugar in it? A weakness! What is it when I can’t face the day without a cup of caffeinated beverage, be it 16 oz of java or a mug of tea? It’s a weakness, that’s what and yes, I hate it but caffeine withdrawal can be awful – well, it is really terrible. I once went an entire week drinking only decaf coffee and had to go back to a cup of caffeine every morning due to the intense headaches I suffered from Day One of no caffeine. You see, I was able to give up sodas but it’s more difficult for me to eliminate caffeine from my life. However, 2017 will be the year to stop the caffeine!

But, you say, caffeine is nothing like crack, heroin, powder cocaine, methamphetamine or other dope. It’s not even as bad as alcohol – how many people have died from a caffeine addiction, or killed innocent children whilst driving under the influence of it? None that I can recall, though there is always a first time for anything. Nicotine is worse, and so is THC but still, these drugs are nothing like the others, not even close – though cigarette smoking can lead to early death, It certainly did for my beautiful cousin, who passed away from throat cancer before her 51st birthday. Still, her craving for nicotine and alcohol did not cease due to her illness; indeed, the fact that she was dying made her want them all the more – and her brother and sister both still drink and smoke despite their sibling’s horrible death. Why? Because they are weak.

My fiance is very weak-willed. He can’t live without his daily Methadone, he cannot stand even the least amount of pain, so when the Methadone fails to keep the pain at bay, he’s got to get pain pills from somewhere (usually his mother, who else), and if that doesn’t help, he’s out trying to find a bag or two of heroin. I have requested help from Intervention, so we’ll see what happens this year with that. I have given him an ultimatum – it all ends this year, or the relationship is over. I am a stronger person than he is, and I surely do not need or want a weakling like himself to pull me down.


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