Reincarnation is still on my mind for some reason or other.

According to a Reader’s Digest online article

Today 24 percent of Americans—or more than 75 million people—across all religions believe in reincarnation, according to a Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life poll; a separate survey reports that roughly one in ten people can recall his or her own past life.

Most Christians do not believe in it, though there are some that do – Islam also is not a religion that believes in reincarnation; it is Asian religions such as Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism that hold a belief in reincarnation. These are all Indian religions that also hold the belief in Karma, which is a cause and effect system wherein what one does in this life will positively or even negatively affect the next. (That means, for the ignorant out there, that Karma is not something that gets back at a person for doing something bad to another because Karma is an Asian religious concept, not Pagan or Wiccan or Jewish or whatever.)

Why am I drawn like a moth to a flame by stories, photos, and films about Nazi Germany? My main reason for ever visiting Europe in the first place was to go to Germany – not London, not Paris, not Rome or even the Alps of Switzerland. I never wanted to learn French or Spanish, I concentrated on German and to this day, while I cannot speak it, I can understand some of the written language. A lot of people say that it’s a ‘guttural’ tongue but I don’t share that opinion – German is no more ‘guttural’ than English, which is not a pretty spoken language itself. (A recent poll revealed that the top 3 sexy languages, according to the American women surveyed, are German, Swedish, and Dutch – Teutonic tongues that are usually not in the top 5 of ‘sexy’ spoken languages.)

Why does hearing true tales about the Old West intrigue me? When I still read (gag!) romance novels, I preferred those that were set in the Old West even though I’ve never been a huge fan of Western films (probably because so many of them starred that racist extraordinaire, John Wayne). I am as drawn to the Western US, though I have yet to even set foot in a Western state, as I am to Germany and I feel that to live out West is my destiny. If I could live anywhere in the world, I would have two homes: one in Germany (Bavaria, more likely) and the other in a Western state such as Nevada.

How come the pull is there? It is very strong, like an enormous magnet out there in the universe just luring me in. I cannot explain it any more than I can explain why strange things happen in my house. Is my fascination with the Old West the reason for my firm belief in the Death Penalty and that public executions should be brought back? DNA testing proves I have zero Native American blood, yet I have an empathy for their plight and near-eradication as much as I do for the Jews that suffered under the yoke of Nazism in Germany and other parts of Europe (not those Zionist zealots of Israel though). Perhaps my passion for that era is the reason for my anti-Aryan stance, feeling a sort of dislike for blue-eyed blonds, and extreme loathing for Hitler and his henchmen – though there were some good things that came about s a result of the Nazis being in power, before they fucked up everything.

I had a classmate once whose mother was in love with Greece, even though she had no Greek blood. She felt a strong desire to see that land, and I hope she finally did.


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