I’m sitting here at my laptop drinking coffee and thinking how totally stupid some people are over Trump, how earnestly and vociferously they will defend that man – no matter that they are struggling poor asses, unable to get ahead, living paycheck to paycheck, whilst Trump and his family live better than royalty, without a care in the world, surely without a thought towards the ‘little man’ who voted him into the White House.

Not only are these people seriously deluded, they are typical of the ‘sheeple’ – followers rather than leaders (which they will never, ever be of course). You cannot reason with them because the ignorant will argue with you until they are blue in the face to prove their point(s), which usually do not make much sense because an uneducated or uninformed person is making them. I can only laugh at these simpletons and shake my head, because they’re in for a very rude awakening – in fact, some of them probably already regret voting for Agent Orange, as Trump is now being called.

I think I mentioned in a previous post how one dumb White bitch on Facebook waxed rhapsodic on how much she ‘loved and adored’ Trump – presumably because he’s a rich White man running the country rather than a mixed race one, and they have got to have a White person in charge, especially a White man – after all folks, this is Amerikkka! I didn’t bother reading the rest of the stupid cunt’s post, I simply ‘unfriended’ her and left it at that. Amateur political pundits I have no time for.

What these Trump Worshipers don’t seem to realize is that he’s a fucking man just like Obama is, only with a skin color they like much better and hair that isn’t kinky – what hair is left, that is. How anyone can idolize this bigot unless they share his views is beyond me, but there are dummkopfs and there are arseholes. They Tweet and they post and they bitch and they whine and they complain and they blog – and I can’t tell you which are worse, the Trumpanzees or the Bleeding Hearts. They are equally crybabies, though lately the Leftists have been doing most of the weeping due to their Lady Love having lost the election.

I thank the Goddess that I am in control of my mind enough that I don’t idolize people. None of them are worth my time that’s for damn sure, and I would never bow down to some misogynist prick like Donald Trump whose own grandparents were immigrants, legal though they were – and with German blood on his father’s side, who’s to say that those people weren’t fans of Adolf Hitler? Many German Americans were, as you will recall (of you even know about such things), members of the German American Bund which was a Nazi organization for Americans with Teutonic ancestry. It’s shocking how crazy people are for this man, a fellow human being who is not a god…but oh well. Sheeple. They are ten kinds of stupid and then some.

Trump’s popularity can be compared with Hitler’s because that is exactly how Trump’s Retardican fans behave – just the way Adi’s foaming-at-the-mouth Nazi fanatics did back in the late 20s through late 30s. By the 1940s, most of Hitler’s former crazed followers had lost hope in their White Knight. This is how it shall be with Trump in a few short years – hell, maybe in a couple of months! I will laugh my ass off when that day comes for those sheeple I know who worship at the Altar of Trump.


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