Yes, I have written about this before but it was in a different context than today’s post. There’s a blogger who calls himself Abagond, he’s always posting his opinions on interracial relations and relationships here in the US, and one of his favorite topics is Black women and whether or not White or other non-Black men see them as attractive, why Black men don’t want Black women, and whether or not Black women are viewed as ‘ugly’ by men. From these posts, it would seem that Abagond is the one who’s got issues with Black women, that he’s got more race hate than your typical White Supremacist/Separatist, and finally, that he’s got some type of yearning for White women because he loves to write about them as well – and they are usually blonde, Nordic types. Not sure if a White chick turned down his offer of a date or what, but this guy certainly has a weird obsession with racial matters – when he isn’t posting song lyrics and video links for the musical artists he admires, that is.

In one post on why ‘so few White men marry Black women’, Abagond even gives one reason as:

Lack of good looks in black women: Most white men think black women are not all that good looking when compared to white women. That comes across in their phrase “good-looking for a black girl”. And you see it in their lists of beautiful women on the Internet: they have few if any black women and those they do have tend to be light-skinned. An amazing-looking black woman can walk right by a white man without him batting an eye.

Abagond really has a lot of issues with Black women, not to mention people in general other than Black guys, whom he tends to defend more often than not (even though many Black men really are lazy, criminal-minded, drug dealing scumbags or they wouldn’t get into the situations they do; i.e. in prison or in the grave at a young age). I have been hit on by far more White men than Blacks, but that may be due to my light complexion, and I have also been called attractive by Hispanics and Asians, particularly guys from India, and Middle Eastern men are always sending me marriage proposals on Facebook. I know skin tone has a lot to do with things, but that’s not always true.

So Internet posts of Black women that White men find attractive is proof that White men only find light-skinned Black women comely? That is such bullshit and to post it without at least some type of poll to back it up is ignorant. I always maintain that my posts are my own opinions, and when they are partly based on fact, I always provide links to back up my statements. Not so Abagond, not all the time – and when he does provide statistics, they are usually his own – because I have Googled plenty of his alleged statistics and either cannot find them, or find different numbers than what he posted.

Below are his many links, not exclusive, on ‘ugly’ Black women and how we are so unwanted (instead of focusing on why many Black men run after White women like the dumb dogs they are):


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