Black Americans do nothing but complain. They complain about White cops killing unarmed Blacks, the White Man and his racist agenda (i.e. – the White Establishment), Donald Trump and his oddly devoted, fanatical followers, and how European standards of beauty are forced upon us all here in the US. They complain that they can’t get ahead because of their color, they can’t get a good job – or any job at all – because of their race, and they blame the White race for every little bad thing that happens to them, even the crack cocaine epidemic, Black men going to prison for murder and drug dealing at higher rates than Whites, and how the White Elites of Hollywood ignore Black films and filmmakers as well as other talent when nominating producers, directors, actors, and so on for awards. Black people have been whining ever since I can remember, and that was way back in the 70s when I was just a little girl and didn’t understand anything about racism, discrimination, prejudice, and bigotry (though I was told about it all the time by my grandmother, mother, and other relatives).

Black Americans are very anti-intellectual (‘redneck’ and low-income Whites are the same, and I would not be surprised if Hispanics are  as well). When I was in school, Black kids picked on the students – all of them White (5th grade) except for one Black boy in the 6th grade – in the Gifted & Talented (GT) program, and made fun of the students who achieved Honor Roll status. They pinned all their misplaced glory on their athletes and musically inclined peers, and poked fun of us who preferred to stick our noses in a book. Of my entire family, there is one person with a Masters, and he has self-esteem issues, plays the Race Card more than anyone else in our clan, and can’t get a job (no doubt because he’s high and mighty, thinking he’s going to get some type of managerial position with little to zero experience). There is one other person with a 2 year degree, one with a 1 year diploma as well as various certifications (me), while the rest have only a high school diploma or GED or nothing.

Sounds like Jews as well. No wonder Whites hate us!

Black Americans cry ‘institutional racism‘ whenever anyone cites the poor academic performance of Black students, but the truth of the matter is, Blacks from non-American backgrounds (Africa, the Caribbean) almost always outperform American Blacks – and the sadder reality is that Whites from lower socio-economic backgrounds have SAT scores around the same levels as Blacks from middle and upper-income backgrounds. Can Blacks keep blaming White people for this? I don’t believe so, I know from my own awareness of this problem that many Black Americans just want to get by, to find a job, keep it, and become dependent on that weekly or bi-weekly paycheck. I know from working with them that they are simply content with that, harboring little if any aspirations to ascend into a supervisory or managerial position. My own family have never been supportive as far as a higher ed is concerned, which is probably why so many of my contemporaries within the clan have either not bothered with going to college, or dropped out within a year or two of studies. (I had to do so for financial reasons.)

Black Americans laugh and call you an ‘Oreo’, ‘Junior Mint’, or tell you that you’re ‘acting White’ or even that you ‘think you are White’ if you don’t speak Ebonics, act ignorant, or behave like a thug. If you are light-skinned, as I am, they tease you even more so – apparently out of jealousy and envy. I can’t recall how many times I was taunted by the Black kids while growing up, and I know that this bullying has had a lasting effect on me – to this day, I have no close Black friends, I rarely date Black guys, and I have a meanness in me towards Black Americans that I cannot rid myself of even though I know it’s wrong to be that way towards my own people. I would much rather be in an interracial group than one that is exclusively Black because eventually, one of the Blacks will make some damn remark about my light complexion, my hazel eyes, or the way I talk – which is decidedly not Black.

Black Americans need to learn how to get along within their own communities and stop the stupid in-fighting. Rather than down each other, we need to uplift our fellow Blacks whether their skin is pale or tan or brown or dark chocolate, no matter what our hair texture is, or how we speak. So what if one of us ‘sounds White’? That’s ignorant – do White people say such disparaging comments about Whites who ‘sound Black’ or whose skin tone is ‘light’ or ‘dark’ or whatever? Because not all Whites are the same shade despite what you may think. Italians, Greeks and other Mediterraneans tend to have dark (olive) skins, whilst those of Irish, British, and Nordic descent are typically paler (ivory). People from India run the gamut from very light skin to extremely dark. So what if your coworker has wavy hair? Are you going to spend your time and waste your emotions detesting her/him because of something that s/he cannot help? Come together as a people and stop all the useless hating. Grow up, damn it! Get educated.


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