Mischling Horst Geitner

Most people will be totally stunned to learn this, but as many as 150,000 soldiers who served in the military during the Hitler regime were actually part-Jewish, thereby classified under the Nuremberg Laws of the time as ‘Mischlinge’ (half caste). At least 60,000 of these men had one Jewish parent while 90,000 had one Jewish grandparent, and though they did not serve in the SS, they were in the Wehrmacht – probably under the assumption that their doing so would save their Jewish and other family members.

Abraham Gancwajch

According to some sources, a number of these soldiers complained about Jewish persecution after they returned home from the Polish campaign, so were dismissed in 1940 by Hitler. Yet many stayed in the Wehrmacht even after their dismissal, mainly because it often took several weeks before discharge orders could reach the front or because they were awarded clemency for their dedication, or they concealed their Jewish backgrounds.

Ans van Dijk

“Not everybody who wore a uniform was a Nazi and not every person of Jewish descent was persecuted,” Bryan Mark Rigg, Professor of History at American Military University in Virginia, stated (Reuters). “Where do they belong? They served in the military but lost mum at Auschwitz.”

There were even Jews who collaborated with the Nazis in order to further their own self-interests or simply because they were evil people. Anna (Ans) van Dijk, Abraham Gancwajch, the beautiful Stella Kübler, Moniek Merin (also Moniek, Moszek or Mojżesz Israel Merin), Alfred Nossig, Calel (Calek) Perechodnik, Chaim Mordechaj Rumkowski, and Józef Szynkman are some of the most infamous of these traitors.

Stella Kübler

Many of them were executed as collaborators or killed by their fellow Jews; only Stella (also known as the Blonde Poison) managed to live to see the 1990s but she committed suicide so evidently, her guilt caught up with her. Her husband Rolf Isaaksohn was also a traitor to his own people, with a talent for forging documents – when fellow Jews came to him for these false papers, he would happily hand them over to the Gestapo. Adam Czerniakow was another collaborator who killed himself rather than go to the gallows, prison (as Stella did for 10 years) or die at the hands of his people like some of the others,

Adam Czerniakow

A prominent Nazi Mischling was Erhard Milch. Even though he had a Jewish father, Milch was in the Luftwaffe, holding key positions within that organization and the Armaments Ministry. Given a ‘Get out of jail free card’ by no other than Hermann Göring, Milch was lucky in that his mother signed a declaration that stated her husband was not Milch’s real father, though most believe this to be a lie. Thus Milch became an ‘Honorary Aryan’. Two others, a vice-admiral and a general, were treated in a similar manner.

Erhard Milch

You don’t hear about these guys – well, perhaps a few of them – in the Holocaust Museum or from Zionists either because they are ashamed to speak of them, refuse to acknowledge Jewish complicity with the Nazis, or just because they truly don’t know that these people existed. Now you do. Let’s see if Steven Spielberg or one of the other prominent Hollywood Jews will produce a feature film about the likes of these Jewish swine!

There were also soldiers of African-German descent but I’ll write about those guys in a future post.


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