Destination America does it again! With all the other trashy fake ‘reality’ shows out there, they had to dream up some pure and utter bullshit like this. Will wonders never cease?

The show features a couple of redneck White guys and evidently, one redneck White gal – as usual – that call themselves the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. These idiot , many of them with law enforcement and military backgrounds, have one goal in mind, and that is to kill a Bigfoot once they find and capture one. Well, good luck with that! How can you kill something that doesn’t exist? (Why are White people so damned smart they’re stupid? They have got to be the craziest damn race on the planet, yet they have a nerve to look down their skinny noses at others, sneer, and call us the dummies. I’m laughing my fucking ass off while shaking my head.)

The team leaders Bobby Hamilton, who purportedly saw a Bigfoot when he was a child, and his bud Jim Lansdale believe that in the South, Bigfoots are ‘sleeker, faster, and more aggressive’ than elsewhere and are attacking livestock, pets, and even people’s homes. Therefore, the creature must be stopped at any cost. That’s where the GFBRO steps in with all their combined might.

Apparently, what sets this show apart aside from these fools wanting to get their hands on a Bigfoot is the opposition they meet from Bigfoot enthusiasts who support a ‘no kill’ approach to the elusive critter. According to descriptions of the show on the Destination America website, witnesses share findings that are sent off for DNA analysis: a tiny primate-like skull (probably from the corpse of someone’s dead pet monkey), hair samples from a woman’s shoe and from a rural family who claim that several of their mutts have been killed by a Bigfoot. There are also reports of eerie night screams, enormous casts of animal tracks that can’t be identified, and a gigantic hand print in mud that’s twice the size of a human’s.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry or shout or sigh, but Killing Bigfoot sounds like a rip off of Finding Bigfoot in the same way that The Demon Files is a piss poor rip off of The Dead Files. Most Destination America shows are very boring – at least The Demon Files is, and I am sure Killing Bigfoot will be as well – and while I do not have access to that channel, the shows pop on the ‘Net on a certain video sharing site that isn’t US-based, so Destination America generally cannot get them removed the way they do the videos that pop up on YouTube. I’ll check out an episode and see what its like, but I already can tell from reading the show’s descrip that it’s typical ‘reality show’ manure.

Someone should shake some sense into Fay Wu and all the rest who put out shit shows like this but it’s apparent to me that they are in it because anything that involves the paranormal is highly lucrative. Just ask Ryan Buell, Zak Bagans, Theresa Caputo, and all the rest that put one over on the dumb masses with totally fake shows.


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