Yesterday morning, my mother checked her cell phone for any missed calls. There were only a few, and one of these bore the name of her recently deceased older sister. My mother then called her niece (my cousin) to ask if she’d called the previous night from the house phone, and for what reason. My cousin informed my mother that the house phone had been disconnected since last year, shortly after my aunt passed away. When my mother told her niece that she’d received a phone call from that exact telephone number, my cousin was so shocked that all she could do was repeat the word ‘What?!’.

My mother apparently received a ‘telephone call from beyond‘, also known as ‘phantom calls’ and ‘calls from beyond the grave’, among other titles. My mother is not one to make up a story, and she was quite perturbed by the fact that her oldest sister had contacted her from beyond the grave. My aunt called my mother daily, often as many times as three or four calls, and they always spoke before going to bed. (My aunt did the same with my late great aunt and my grandmother.) It is almost a family tradition with the women of our clan, to call each other and chit chat about whatever comes to mind, though usually it was gossip which I’m not too fond of.

It is not surprising that my aunt would attempt to call my mother, ostensibly to let my mother know that her sister is ‘okay’. It’s not a revelation either that my aunt would call my mother the day after their only brother’s funeral. My uncle was in poor health the last few years of his life, and I only saw him at funerals – his wife of 45+ years, and his oldest daughter. When he was told of his sister’s passing, he had a reaction serious enough to warrant a hospital stay, and he simply never recovered. I would not be shocked if one of his surviving daughters receives a telephone call some day from him.

I am not a firm believer in paranormal phenomena, I tend to be very skeptical and will research a topic till I am truly satisfied that it’s genuine and not some hoax for fame and fortune. During my study into this particular matter, I discovered that none other than best-selling author of various weird goings-on himself, Dean Koontz, allegedly received a call from beyond by a woman whose voice Mr. Koontz determined to be that of his mother, dead twenty years at the time, warning him to ‘be careful’ and that’s all she said – from a distance – before hanging up. When Koontz went to visit his father at a mental health facility a few days later, for no inexplicable reason, his father attacked him with a knife. Koontz wrestled the knife away from his father, but then was accosted by cops who bore a gun on him, demanding that he drop his weapon! Koontz did and the memory has remained branded in his mind ever since.

During my first trip overseas, one of my travel chums told of a mysterious phone call from her grandfather, who was her companion’s uncle of some such odd relationship. Shortly after the man’s death, the telephone would ring at a certain time and when someone answered, s/he would hear a male voice that sounded eerily like the deceased man’s through static, as if it were coming from far away. It happened a few times and then the calls stopped. I’m not sure what brought about this morbid turn in the conversation, but I do remember that we were having dinner at the hotel in Innsbruck, it was a rainy night, and I had to sleep alone in that rather unsettling hotel room with the big wardrobe in which a creature unseen could have been hiding, ready to pounce upon me in my slumber…

Do our deceased loved ones really call us from beyond the grave? I have no idea but I plan to look into this matter further until I am satisfied, one way or other. At any rate, it’s more possible than a Bigfoot or whatever you wish to call that mythical, hairy creature (despite the constant ‘I know Squatches exist’ from those three silly asses Moneymaker, Barackman, and Fay).


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