Christina Grimmie

Yesterday it was Suicide by Celebrity. Today, it is Celebrity Murders! This topic is an all-time fave of the Conspiracy Theory Camp, who claim that when celebrities die – especially at a young age – they are replaced by an Illuminati-created clone. (This is why so many celebrities look very different than how they used to, according to these people, who quite often have several screws loose, more so than the rest of us!) The following are some of the more shocking deaths ever to befall a celebrity.

  1. Steve McNair, football player murdered by his girlfriend
  2. Christina Grimmie, singer, shot while signing autographs after a show by a delusional fan
  3. Nicole Brown Simpson, ex wife of OJ Simpson, found murdered along with her friend Ron Goldman (OJ was acquitted of both murders but I tend to believe he had something to do with them even if he didn’t actually kill either victim)
  4. Marvin Gaye, singer, shot to death by his father (apparently during a cocaine-fueled argument some sources claim, while others state he was breaking up a fight between his parents)
  5. John Lennon, singer/musician and 1/4 of The Beatles, murdered outside the Dakota Apts by a crazed fan
  6. Sam Cooke, singer, shot by a motel manager (some reports claim it was over a woman, others money)

  7. Sharon Tate, actress, one of the many victims of the so-called Manson Family (Tate, along with her unborn son, several friends, and a teenager who was visiting the caretaker, were tortured and stabbed or shot to death by members of Manson’s ‘death squad’ in an apaprent attempt to incite a race war)
  8. Darrent Williams, football player, killed in a New Year’s drive by
  9. Sal Mineo, actor, stabbed to death during an apparent robbery
  10. Peter Tosh, reggae artist (founder of The Wailers, he was shot along with seven others during an armed robbery attempt)

  11. Andreas Escobar, soccer player, killed by a drug cartel bodyguard
  12. Reeva Steenkamp, model/TV personality, shot to death on Valentine’s Day by her boyfriend, Paralympian Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius
  13. Gianni Versace, fashion designer, murdered by a serial killer
  14. Rob Knox, actor (stabbed to death outside a bar when he got involved in a fight his brother was having with others)
  15. Selena Quintanilla, singer, murdered by the head of her fan club
  16. Adrienne Shelly, actress, hanged by an illegal alien construction worker who tried to make her death appear to be a suicide after he’d sexually assaulted her

  17. Robert Johnson, blues musician & infamous 27 Club member, allegedly poisoned by a jealous husband
  18. Dominique Dunne, strangled by her crazed boyfriend (who beat the rap). She went into a coma but died a few days later.
  19. Tupac Shakur, rapper, killed in a drive by shooting
  20. Notorious B.I.G., rapper, also killed in a drive by (according to many sources, it was as a retaliation for Tupac’s murder)
  21. Rebecca Schaeffer, actress, shot to death by a deranged fan
  22. Jill Dando, TV news reporter, murdered (one man was arrested, tried & convicted but his life sentence was overturned on appeal), thereby, the case remains unsolved same as Tupac’s and B.I.G’s
  23. Jam Master Jay, hip hop artist/producer and formerly of Run DMC, shot to death in a studio

  24. Anne Pressly, TV news commentator, brutally beaten and sexually assaulted (she had a small role in the film W)
  25. Phil Hartman, actor-comedian, killed by his wife Brynn (murder-suicide)
  26. Gemma McCluskie, actress, killed & dismembered by her brother (apparently during an argument)
  27. Azumi Muto, actress-model who was also killed & dismembered by her brother following an alleged argument
  28. Lana Clarkson, actress, murdered by Phil Spector in his home
  29. Bob Crane, actor, bludgeoned to death (his killing remains officially unsolved)
  30. Dorothy Stratten, Playboy model/actress, killed by her boyfriend (murder-suicide)
Reeva Steenkamp

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