Having dealt with local law enforcement, such as they are called, SIX TIMES since the summer of 2014 regarding incidents during my tumultuous relationship concerning my now ex-fiance, I can now understand fully why so many people have troubles with the Boys in Blue, pigs, fuzz, po po, the SS, whatever you wish to call that bunch. I tend to lean towards nazi terminology for the bastards myself. I totally agree with the sentiments expressed in NWA’s rap ‘Fuck Tha Police’ as I feel that way too.

On Sunday morning, 26 February, my former fiance and I had a verbal altercation that nearly grew physical when he raised his fist to strike me. I responded by knocking his arm away. As I sat at my laptop preparing to blog away to my heart’s content despite still suffering from the flu, a lamp went flying past my head. I jumped to my feet to grab my iphone and call 911, which I warned him that I was about to do. His words? “You call the police on me and I’ll tell them you hit me so you can go to jail too.”

Anyhow, the police came and spoke with us both separately, and I was advised by an officer to press charges if I wanted to, and because I wanted my fiance out of the property – at least for a week or two – I decided to do so. He also advised me to take out a 50B against my fiance if I felt in fear of him. All the officers on the scene were White males (my ex is White too) but I did not feel at this time that I would have any issues with them because of their race and mine. However, I have since found out differently.

My soon-to-be-ex, meanwhile, was raising all kinds of ruckus in his van and out. I drove myself to the magistrate’s office. A few minutes later, my ex came in with another officer. So we both go before the magistrate one at a time and next thing I know, we are both being arrested and I was the victim in the matter! We stayed overnight and were released after our first appearance in court Monday morning – and I almost did not get released because while the judge had given my fiance ‘unsecured bond’, he almost gave me ‘secured  bond’ and I didn’t know why until Tuesday.
So my ex’s friend came by for his clothing and told me that the officers left at the scene when the one officer and I had gone, actually encouraged my ex to file charges against me because my ‘story’ of his throwing a lamp at me sounded like ‘bullshit’. This is as bad as the previous officers, back in September when we’d had a more violent encounter after my ex had been binging on crack cocaine for several days, telling him to leave me because I was ‘going to get him into trouble someday’. (I had heard the same from other cops that came out on a very snowy day after we had just moved into our current residence. They refused to believe that his phone had been bought by me and was on my plan – it was – or that he had threatened me in any way, yet they believed him!)

How are abused women supposed to protect themselves against their tormentors when they cannot get any help from those that are supposed ‘to protect and to serve’? These officers are employed by a police department that had the nerve to display purple ribbons for victims of domestic violence only a few months ago! How dare they present one face to the public, when they show a different face to the victims and perpetrators of domestic violence.

There is not only a culture of racism within all police departments across Amerikkka, but there is also a Fraternal Order of Police, and even statistics that prove cops have high rates of alcohol and spousal abuse. Therefore, why should they give a damn about a Woman of Color being abused by a fellow White guy, even one who was possibly high on heroin at the time of the incident? (I found his kit when I got home Monday afternoon. He had hidden it away on top of the cabinet in the bathroom, but I discovered it when I was looking for the air freshener. There was a spoon with some residue in it and a needle.)

I am going to learn how I can become an advocate for victim’s rights to fight this type of behavior so watch out police departments across the country, here I come and I am definitely not on your side!


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