Conspiracy theorists love the Illuminati. They blame this mythical organization – though it did once actually exist – for everything that has occurred in modern times, particularly the murders, overdoses and alleged suicides of prominent individuals. According to the conspiracy theorists (CTs), this club of wealthy people (among their ranks are the likes of Miley Cyrus, Beyonce & Jay Z, Madonna, the Kardashians, and all politicians of course), carry out ritual murders in order to achieve renown and riches. These deaths are blood sacrifices that are required by the Illuminati in exchange for the fame and fortune the society members receive. When an Illuminati associate refuses to commit a sacrifice or turns against the group in any way, that person is eliminated – as the following individuals were for various reasons – by the organization.

  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. Ritchie Valens
  3. The Big Bopper
  4. Buddy Holly
  5. John F. Kennedy
  6. Lee Harvey Oswald
  7. Marilyn Monroe
  8. Malcolm X
  9. Otis Redding

  10. Martin Luther King, Jr
  11. Robert F. Kennedy
  12. Jim Morrison
  13. Jimi Hendrix
  14. Bruce Lee
  15. Elvis Presley
  16. John Lennon
  17. Bob Marley
  18. Grace Kelly
  19. Frank Zappa
  20. Brandon Lee
  21. Kurt Cobain
  22. Princess Diana

  23. Tupac Shakur
  24. The Notorious B.I.G.
  25. John F. Kennedy, Jr
  26. Aaliyah Haughton
  27. Lisa Lopez
  28. Anna Nicole Smith
  29. Michael Jackson
  30. Whitney Houston

The above is by no means a comprehensive list of those thought to have been murdered by the demonic Illuminati (of which the Freemasons are suspected to be members). Google ‘Illuminati Deaths’ and you will find page after page of deaths firmly presumed by the CTs to be sacrifices that this organization carried out for whatever reason. I do not believe in the Illuminati, never have and never will, but there are thousands, perhaps millions of people out there that do and they’ll always surmise that any celebrity that does not expire from natural causes at an old age is a victim of this group. I found one site that claims even Prince’s and David Bowie’s deaths were blood sacrifices.
Alleged Illuminati Member

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