I had no idea what was going on when I started receiving emails and eventually, telephone calls from guys at all times of the day and night. These were very strange individuals, the type of weirdos to call you up and just breathe into the damn phone as you repeated ‘Hello’ over and over till you hung up. The emails often included pictures of the guys’ erections, most of which were a source of hilarity than a turn on (not that any of them made me desire the sender, I was too pissed off for arousal to work).

I finally changed my phone number and that ended the calls, I got rid of that email address which then ended the progressively horrifying messages, and I thought that was the end of it all. But I soon learned, to my consternation, that it was not.

To make a long story quite short, I had to file charges against a guy for something and for a time it did appear as if he might have to answer for his crime. Unfortunately, that was not the case because a few days after I pressed charges, the lieutenant heading the case contacted me to come in to speak with him about the status. That turned out to have been a ruse to get me to come in and ‘plead guilty’ to ‘filing a false police report’ as I was guilty of internet prostitution and the cop could prove it!

As I soon discovered, my ex – a guy I’d dated a mere 4 months named Alexander M (I will refrain from posting his actual surname here for legal reasons) had posted the photos he’d taken of me in my birthday suit and various lingerie he’d bought, all over the web on different escort and dating sites. This is how and why I received all those emails and telephone calls and text messages from men all over my home state about ‘dates’ and ‘sex’ and ‘massages’ and whatnot. He even had me listed as a Dominatrix even though the included pix did not show me with whips or canes or wearing leather – I was in a black teddy he had given to me for Valentine’s Day!

You don’t know how difficult the process was to rid the Internet of my images. It was arduous, time-consuming, painful, and gave me the worst headaches of my life outside of the time my wisdom teeth caused me intense troubles back in 1998. Alex was never prosecuted for catfishing me, a term I didn’t hear of until last year and truthfully, never paid much attention to until I started thinking about it after watching one of those godawful Lifetime Movies about a catfish situation involving a teenage girl. That is when I realized that what happened to me back in 2008 had been a catfish scandal.

Alex M got to go on with his life, even though he ran an escort agency – this is the reason I broke up with the slimy bastard! I have a misdemeanor on my record that has kept me from obtaining positions – I can’t even get a job as a motel room attendant or house cleaner with Molly Maid because they do background checks and I have this one smear that they don’t like, so illegal aliens get employed and I cannot. I can’t work for Care.com, dog sitting services, Uber, Lyft, Shipt, or any other such service due to this marred record – and my record up till then had been clean, not even a speeding ticket. It makes my current situation all the worse, and totally due to someone else using my identity and photos as revenge for a break up.

Let my story be a warning to those of you out there: never allow your partner to take photos of you in any way, particularly those where you are in lingerie or nude. They might come back to haunt you.


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