Mia Katherine Zapata was born into an affluent family on 25 August 1965, and killed on 7 July 1993 which brought her into the ranks of the infamous ’27 Club’. A precocious child, Mia learned to play the piano and guitar by the age of 9, and was not only influenced by punk rock, but such singers as Bessie Smith, Sam Cooke, Billie Holiday, Hank Williams, Ray Charles, and Edith Piaf – whom she was, according to one documentary, listening to on the morning of her extremely savage murder.

Mia went away to Antioch College in 1984, and that is where she formed her band – The Gits. A few years later, the entire group relocated from Ohio to Seattle, where grunge was about to explode, and within a couple of years had cultivated quite an impressive following. The Gits were on their way up even though they at first lived in an abandoned house they affectionately called ‘The Rathouse’; they released a couple of singles via independent labels that were received very well, and by 1992 their debut album, Frenching The Bully, was available.

The Gits was made up of Andrew Kessler aka Joe Spleen (guitar), Matt Dresdner (bass), and Steve Moriarty (drummer) but the star of the band was clearly Mia. When the band went on an international tour in 1990, they had critical success – without the backing of a record label. Grunge was mainly a man’s music scene, so the powerful vocals of a female artist were welcomed – and Mia had indeed a wonderful voice. A great many women were attracted to the scene because of Mia, who became an icon for feminists as well as an inspiration for female vocalists at the time. While Mia was not a Riot Grrrl, she became a sort of poster child for that movement, and her brutal death has turned her into a martyr for rape victims everywhere.

The final night of her rather short life, Mia left the Comet Tavern around 2 am to walk the short distance home. Apparently, she stopped by a friend’s place for a brief time before continuing to her basement studio. Somewhere on her journey, somehow, Mia met a Beast. Around 3 am, a man reported hearing a ‘terrible scream’ that caused him to rush out into the street to see what was going on, but he evidently saw nothing, and went back inside. Thirty minutes later, a woman discovered the beaten, raped, and strangled body of Mia lying in the street, arms flung out and legs crossed as if she had been posed deliberately to resemble the crucified Christ.

According to the coroner, even had Mia not been strangled, she would have died from her internal injuries, they were that severe. Her liver had been perforated, nearly every organ in her body had been damaged, and according to reports, saliva was found on one of her breasts – the DNA from the saliva swab would eventually lead detectives to Mia’s killer almost a dozen years later, Jesus Mezquia who now sits in prison for the crime. He only got 36 years (this evil creature had the nerve to appeal his sentence, but he was retried and received the same sentence), and as you know, I’m a firm believer in the Death Penalty and feel that all killers should get death, as that is what they gave their victims. Killers don’t deserve to live.

It is a tragedy that this singer had her life snuffed out just as her star was beginning to burn brighter.

Beastly Killer Jesus Mezquia

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