Dr. Michael L. Brown is the conservative host of a show called Line of Fire, as well as a Messianic Jew who firmly holds that all Jews should follow Jesus Christ, who came to earth to be the Savior of them. (He probably believes, as do many, that the reason for the Jewish people’s collective suffering and worldwide persecution is their rejection of Christ as their Savior.) Born in New York in 1955, he now makes his home in Charlotte, NC, probably because the city is heavily Protestant, nearly half the population is White, and it’s mostly affluent as the nation’s 2nd largest banking city with neighborhoods segregated by race and income (I know this from personal experience as I lived in the Queen City from 1992 – 1994, 1996 – 1997, and 2001 – 2003.)

He is an extremely arrogant individual with a penchant for tossing out the fact that he has a PhD, as if this alone makes him an authority on any and all subjects. He is very particular on the subject of his people – the Jews – and their need to accept Jesus Christ. I wonder what he would have to say about the Christians who convert to Judaism for their spouses, such as Amy Schumer’s mother and Tori Avey, who has a cooking blog and often features Israeli dishes.

Dr. Brown has several items for sale on his website, including books with titles like ‘Can You Be Gay And Christian?’, ‘Outlasting The Gay Revolution’, ‘The Real Kosher Jesus’, ‘A Queer Thing Happened to America’, and ‘Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus’, of which there are FOUR volumes; videos such as ‘A Christian Response to Homosexuality’, ‘Who Really Killed Jesus’, ‘Son of Sam, Son of Hope’ (David Berkowitz, who of course was a serial-killing Jew but apparently is now a ‘born again’ Christian), and ‘Is Homosexuality America’s Greatest Moral Crisis?’; there’s even audio with such intriguing titles as ‘Messiah in Jewish Tradition’, ‘Go And Sin No More’, and ‘Stand With Israel’.

Evidently, the biggest threat in America today is the Rainbow Nation and their liberal supporters – at least as far as Dr. Brown is concerned. It appears that gays and gender-bending individuals are more of a danger to society than Muslims, who are also on Dr. Brown’s target list. Being that this man is a very conservative person with views typical of the Far Right, his works may be tinged with a bit of a racist slant, not surprising with a Republican as I am sure he must be. My cousin works for the radio station – which is as conservative as Fox News – that hosts Dr. Brown’s show, and he was offended by the man’s use of the word ‘Negroid’.



  1. relating to the division of humankind represented by the indigenous peoples of central and southern Africa.
Why a man with Dr. Brown’s educational level would employ such a term is kind of surprising – you would think someone holding a PhD would have higher intelligence and a better grasp of the English language than your typical White racist, and might choose a word that is more befitting an individual of  Dr. Brown’s academic background. I wonder if perhaps Dr. Brown also calls his beloved Jews ‘Hebrews’ or ‘Heebs’ or  even Caucasoid, and if he uses the term ‘Mongoloid’ or ‘Oriental’ for Asians?
My conclusion after viewing Dr. Brown’s website and all he has to offer? He is definitely a bigot.


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