I don’t know about you but I am immensely tired of hearing about the Holocaust, how Jews are ‘God’s Chosen People’ and therefore deserve the State of Israel as their own, and how they are so persecuted and despised and mistreated – everyone hates them, blah blah blah, so on and so forth. But it is the Holocaust harping that continually burns me. I am thoroughly sick of seeing a book published – nearly every fudging year it seems – about some concentration camp survivor’s memoirs. Who the hell wants to read that garbage? These books are usually filled with pathetic whining and how the Jews of this town or that village were cruelly regarded even before the Nazis came into power. Most of the locales are in Poland, the former Czechoslovakia, and occasionally Hungary or Russia – rarely are any of the books set in Germany, or even Austria for that matter.

What some people can’t appear to get into their tiny little brains is that the Jews of Germany were in fact very well off, and after World War I, when so many Germans were living hand to mouth, most of the Jews lived a life of relative comfort. They owned the biggest department stores, they ran all the banks – same as they do now – and they held such lofty positions as doctor, lawyer, judge or scientist. Many professors were Jewish. So when you take a starving population and they see a segment of the country’s inhabitants that are better off than they, what do you think will happen? The hungry hordes will blame those who are able o feed their families, of course. It is the same as what occurred in America with poor and working class Whites blaming Obama for their wretched conditions (even though we know it is their own fault). People have always got to blame someone else for their misery, that is simply human nature.

Most Europeans of the time – hell, a great many modern Europeans feel the same – believed that theJews were an alien race. They looked different, they worshiped differently, and they were clannish, just as the Jews of today. ¬†Substitute any foreign people for the Jews and the same would have happened to them – and indeed, other peoples were targeted especially Gypsies, Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, the mentally ill/challenged, and to a lesser extent, Afro-Europeans. What if it had been Chinese people in place of the Jews? The same damn thing would have occurred. It was not because they were Jews specifically that the Jewish population was nearly annihilated. It was the fact that they were so affluent and held such positions of authority and power in Germany that many people were against them. Yet to hear Jewish people tell it, everyone hates them precisely because they are Jews.

Now I admit that I am not a people person. I would much rather stay to myself than be around people. And I do confess to having misanthropic feelings most, if not all, of the time. However, I would not say that I despise the Jews because of their religion, though religious people are probably some of my least favorite on this planet. I would submit that I do not care for most Jews because they are Zionists.

Anti semitism is mainly a problem because of the Jewish rejection of Jesus Christ as their savior. This is the same reason that a lot of Christians don’t lie Muslims, even though in Islam at least, Jesus is looked upon as a prophet – just not the savior of the human race that Bible Thumpers think he is. It’s not just because of Islamic terrorism, though that has become a problem in the world – but haven’t Christians terrorized people over the ages? Do not the Zionists terrorize the Palestinians in Israel on a daily basis, supported by Fundamentalist Christians? Whatever happened to ‘love thy neighbor’?

Holocaust harping is a cash cow for the Jews. So long as they can squeeze money from European nations like Austria, Germany, and Switzerland – which is a very wealthy country indeed – they will do so, to fund their Zionist Killing Machine in Israel. It’s a shame that the United States has gotten in league with this evil state…there are far too many Jews in America that hold positions of influence and power, and they use this to keep the US on the side of Israel no matter what. Poor Jews in the US make up only 15% of their small population, while 35% of the wealthiest Americans are Jews. They are without a doubt the riches ethnicity in this country, and they go this way partly by getting everyone else to feel sorry for them due to the Holocaust, and now they use their money to fund the Zionist State of Israel, not caring that thousands of innocents every year are murdered in the name of Zionism. Yet they want the rest of us to ache for them perpetually because of the Holocaust, which ended 72 years ago!

Dear Jewish people, all of you need to wash the blood from your own hands before you continue to throw stones at the Germans and other Europeans due to something that happened nearly a century ago. I recognize that Judaism is not a religion of forgiveness, which means that maybe you people truly need to accept the Jewish savior Jesus Christ as your lord in order to move on with your lives. What about the victims of Pol Pot, Idi Amin, the American government and the Rwandan genocide? We never hear about those millions of dead souls, it’s always the Jews – Jews – Jews. Goddamn it, stop that victim mentality and move on!


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