Today is a day for misogynists everywhere to take heed: women are just as good as men, and while the woman-haters of the world may not believe that or even want to address it, the fact remains and there is little they can do about it. It’s undeniable that in most ways women are superior to men which I happen to know is true because I am a woman.

We are the bringers of life – many men are the bringers of death, they join the military to kill others, they are often serial killers, and they are law enforcement officers hired to protect and serve others, but usually wind up being the ones to kill others (and get away with it). Women do kill, and more times than we are led to believe, but not at the rate that men do, and not for the same reasons (men are more apt, for example, to be thrill killers or sexual killers).

In 1910, Clara Zetkin, the German leader of the Women’s Office for the Social Democratic Party met with more than 100 women from 17 different countries during an International Conference of Working Women and brought up the idea of an annual day to celebrate the causes, demands, and victories of women the world over. The other attendees agreed, and International Women’s Day was the result.

The following year, in Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland, International Women’s Day was honored on 19 March. Russia observed their own two years later, but it wasn’t until 1975 that the United Nations began to officially recognize the day as one of respect. By the mid 1990s, the United Nations adopted the employ of a yearly theme – “Celebrating The Past, Planning for The Future” was the first of these, as well as “Women at The Peace Table”, “World Free of Violence Against Women” up to the more recent themes of “Empower Rural Women, End Poverty & Hunger” and another about the violence that is continuously perpetrated against us: “A Promise is a Promise – Time For Action to End Violence Against Women”.

Men, smug in their privileges, do not seem to understand – or refuse to – that women have needs that are simply not being met in the world today. They grumble about being ’emasculated’ by feminism, they blame their mothers because the sperm donors weren’t man enough to face responsibility as a father, and they use the Bible, the Koran, and other ‘holy’ books to reinforce their beliefs in a divine patriarchal society where women are little more than sex slaves and baby making machines. Real men put the actual blame where it belongs, in my opinion. On themselves.

Women are special, and I am glad that this year, Google honored International Women’s Day with a Google Doodle. I know they didn’t last year because I Tweeted about it.


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