I have a lot of time to think – and write obviously, or this blog would not exist – and I realized that there are so many things I have yet to do or see or experience. Most of these things take money and that’s something I simply do not have in abundance. Hell, I can’t even take a trip to the Biltmore House because of the cost! There are states I have yet to travel to or through, countries I have never seen, and cities I have not been able to visit. I have never done this activity or that one. Sometimes I feel that I am leading a very boring life.

Because I have so much time on my hands this week, I have devised a list of all the things I not seen or done or experienced ever in my near half century of life on planet earth. I did not include rock concert on the list because, back in 1996, I actually attended my very first – and alas, last – concert at Tryon Music Hall which featured Christian Death as the headliners, and Switchblade Symphony with Big Electric Cat as the two opening acts. Yes, it was a Goth concert and I was there to cover it for a local asswipe rag called Tidbits, which was published by a nerdy pizza-faced creep in glasses.

Anyhoo – my list and it’s in no particular order as usual!

  1. Investigate Booby Mackey’s Music World
  2. Take a trip to Bali
  3. Go skiing
  4. Ride a bucking bull in a rodeo
  5. Visit Turkey
  6. Hike up an extinct volcano
  7. Create a new popular trivia game
  8. Finally see Machu Picchu

  9. Experience an African safari
  10. Go waterskiing (why I put that here, I don’t know – I can’t even swim!)
  11. Learn to swim
  12. Build a cabin in the Rockies
  13. Piss off a lot of famous people
  14. Become a chocolatier
  15. See the Great Pyramid of Giza

  16. Visit Stongehenge
  17. Learn to speak a foreign language fluently
  18. Pick grapes in the Burgundy region of France
  19. Visit New York City
  20. Take a spin in a Lamborghini
  21. Bike the Low Countries in 30 days
  22. Learn to drive a manual shift car
  23. Visit Japan
  24. Experience the Great Wall of China
  25. Experience a Hawaiian luau

  26. Go canyoning
  27. Train my voice to sound better (sexier)
  28. Direct a bloackbuster movie – or at least a straight to DVD one
  29. Visit Yellowstone National Park

  30. Take a Caribbean cruise
  31. Go hang out at a dude ranch
  32. Ride in a helicopter
  33. Visit Scandinavia as I have roots there
  34. Take a boat trip around Polynesia
  35. Go hiking in the Swiss Alps
  36. Learn sign language
  37. Experience life with the Yanomami
  38. Become a renowned ventriloquist
  39. Visit Greece

  40. Finally go to Hollywood

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