Angry Black Woman is a derogatory term that refers to black women.[1] It is also formulated as “Sapphire” or “Sassy Black Woman”.

Black women are some of the worst people to work with, in my opinion. They are sullen, resentful, full of envy and bitterness and are, same as most Black men, just plain lazy! But the main problem with Black women is their anger. They seem to be brimming with irritation at any damn thing but if it’s a Black man seen with or sniffing after non-Black women, or the presence of non-Black women, they are immediately enraged and it shows. They are also gossipy and backstabbing but that appears to be women in general, which is the main reason I don’t have many – hell, not any – female friends. I simply can’t trust another female as far as I can throw the bitch.

Do Black women have the right, as many blogs and articles and studies on the ‘Net claim, to be so puffed up with fury? According to one writer, Black women are filled with rage at being thought of as ‘the help’, bashed by Black men, not supported by Black men, pissed off at people touching our hair. having our style appropriated, and constantly being blamed. What?!? No one ever touches my hair nor asks to and yes, I wear it ‘natural’, I am never mistaken for the help, I don’t wear clothing typical of Blacks and so, if I see White, Latin and Asian boys ‘sagging’ it bothers me not a bit (that’s a prison bitch thang anyway) nor is braided hair exclusively Black. Having big lips isn’t a style, it’s heredity.

As for Black men bashing Black women and not supporting us – who the hell cares? Black men lack the power to do anything for themselves, and when they are able to do something, they don’t out of sheer laziness – too used to mama doing it for them, or the hood rat welfare cat, I guess. The writer does not differentiate between non-Black and Black women as far as the blame game goes, and I’d have to agree with her that we women do take the blame for a lot of the shit that men dish out against us, such as rapes – she shouldn’t have been dressed like a skank! – or domestic violence – that cunt was asking for it, she kept giving me lip!

But Black women are the Jezebels, the Mammies, and worst of all, the Sapphires – see my post from last year for more on these stereotypes. We are only ‘Queens’ to a certain strong type of Black male, and I most certainly don’t mean those Black Israelites you may see shouting about White devils on a big city street corner (see the 2nd episode of Hate Thy Neighbor for more on these weirdos). The truly sad part about the Black woman as a ‘sassy’ dame is that it’s not a cliche – it is as much a fact as the Jim Crow South and Auschwitz and the Eiffel Tower. Why are Black women such bitches? Is it their nappy ass hair? Their fat bodies? Their greasy skin? Their bad weaves/wigs? Their ignorance? Their undesirable, unappealing, and total non-sexiness in the opinion of a great many Black men? What the hell is it that makes them rage? A lot of it has to do with Black male rejection of them.

Black women talk about you, they will do it right in front of your face and not give a shit how you feel about it, they will keep the damn shit stirred no matter how bad it stinks, and they will talk loud about whatever pisses them off, unable or unwilling to keep their voices down. They are ornery and conniving and seem to suffer from permanent PMS. I was a line trainer once for an order picking operation and boy, those Black women and their constant anger! It was wearying. I was glad to go away to another job and leave that bitchiness behind me – until I wound up with a bunch of even bitchier bitches. After that, I threw in my towel and went to work for myself, Fuck the world, I say!

I have worked with all kinds of people, though my coworkers have largely been White or Black, and in more recent years, Hispanics – I haven’t worked around many Asians and never Native Americans so I can’t say about those ethnic groups, but Black women are by far the bitchiest of the bunch, bar none. They make Africans – who are some of the laziest coworkers I’ve ever had – seem like the most cheerful people ever. Black men don’t hold a candle to Black women, not even Hispanics do – and the Latinas can be almost as cunt-like as their African American counterparts. I tend to stay away from forming close relationships with women, period, but Black women? Oh they make me run screaming for the hills!


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