Remember when I posted my Ancestry DNA results? You probably don’t but I’m posting them again because I just visited the site to respond to some inquiries from people whom Ancestry has matched with my DNA as possible 4th cousins, and it appears that some of them could possibly be related to me because they are in Georgia, and my maternal grandmother’s people, as well as my adoptive paternal grandfather’s, come from Georgia. (I don’t know where the sperm donor’s adoptive mother comes from, but my maternal grandfather’s people are from South Carolina and I got inquiries from a person with ties to that state as well.) The problem with the DNA matches is, one guy stated that I am matched, DNA-wise, with some Indian chief somewhere…and I have zero Native American DNA!

I thought about getting my DNA tested through 23AndMe just to get those medical health reports but I really don’t need all that. I already know that diabetes, heart problems, cancers, mental illness and substance abuse issues run in the family. I don’t need a swab test to figure that out. I’m satisfied with Ancestry’s results because further testing won’t tell me anything I don’t know, such as the lactose intolerance (most non-Whites have an allergy to dairy anyway) and the tendency to gain weight in my middle as opposed to my buttocks (I will never be a fat bottom girl).

From my results, I know that nearly half my DNA is from the British Isles, while just over that amount is African in root, particularly Nigeria – a country I have never been drawn to the way I have other nations of that continent, such as Kenya and Egypt, Morocco and Ethiopia. Well, I have never been especially interested in Ireland either, yet a good percentage of my DNA lies there. The odd thing about my DNA results is not explaining the Germany magnet, as I am pulled towards that country more than any other in the world, even to the point of having bizarre dreams and strangely realistic visions about the Nazi period. (Hence my recent investigations into reincarnation and past life regression.)

I hoped my DNA results would break me free from my bondage to the Germany of the wicked blond-obsessed National Socialists but that has yet to happen. DNA news links: Jewish Roots of The Igbo, Genetic Testing Mandatory, DNA Testing & What it Can Tell You, False Promises of DNA Testing.


Africa: 57%

  • Nigeria  29%

  • Cameroon/Congo  11%

  • Ivory Coast/Ghana  8%

  • Trace Regions  9%

Europe: 43%

  • Great Britain  18%

  • Ireland  13%

  • Scandinavia  6%

  • Trace Regions  6%


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