Black Americans can be stupid even when they are smart – though most tend to be ignorant as hell. They are so divided – of course, this is also blamed upon the White Man – and they can be so petty and jealous and envious and hateful towards each other. Rather than build up the race, they tear it down and behave in ways that make other races and ethnic groups look upon Blacks with horror. I don’t know about you, but I would get mighty sick and tired of Shopping While Black, Driving While Black, Walking While Black, or Doing Anything While Black in this country. You can lose your life!

Why is it that Blacks can support hip hop artists but not anything that promotes learning and getting an education? I personally know of many Black parents who allow their children to watch endless TV and play video games and listen to music and even have mobile phones, but when it comes to reading a book…(sigh). My own niece and nephew had to attend summer reading camp last year because their reading level was so low. It made me feel ashamed as I have always loved to read, it’s something I inherited from my mother, who also is a voracious reader. I have a cousin who reads a lot as well. I do not count those ‘urban’ novels because that is trash on a par with the confession magazines of old.

Black people are isolated more than other races and ethnic groups. We are discriminated against more, feared more, and disliked more. That’s a simple fact of life and there’s no way to soften the blow, though I am sure most of you ‘Oreos’ out there would beg to differ – “I’ve got White friends!” and ‘My sister-in-law is Asian!” and “Some of my best buddies are Hispanic!”. Yeah right, okay. You may think it’s the Muslims that are getting the short end of the stick these days, but I say it’s still us Blacks in America. Always hated, always imitated. That has been the story of Black Americans since slavery ended, and even before then I would guess.

When I look at Black Americans, I see people who can be my enemy just as much as the Whites are. Blacks are rude – even to each other – loud, argumentative, ‘gangsta’, and uneducated. It doesn’t matter that there are low-income Whites that are just as illiterate or thuggish or impolite, they are going to look at you like you’re the dumb ass and not their own kind. If you don’t believe me, go out in public somewhere and behave in a stereotypical manner. See how non-Blacks react towards you then. I know, I have gone for long walks around my hometown with my brother, and many times with my cousin as well. My brother can pass for Puerto Rican or some other Hispanic, I just appear mixed. But my cousin is dark-skinned so he can only be judged as a Black man and believe me, the reactions from Whites are totally different when he is around. They are less likely to speak and more apt to just walk past us as if we are invisible. It doesn’t help matters any that my cousin is so… loud.

White people – particularly Southerners – are brought up to believe in racial differences more often than Blacks, I think. Growing up, I was taught – mainly by my grandmother but also from my late aunt, who passed away shortly after my grandmother decades ago – that White people are racist. They spoke of the Ku Klux Klan and how my White teachers would probably treat me differently from the White children and how White people follow Blacks in stores. Even the sperm donor, who is half White, told me that I might as well learn to get along with White people because they are the group that holds the power in America. As a twelve year old, I could not fathom this concept but I sure as hell understand it now!

Whites are groomed to hold the opinions that Blacks are lazy, violent, stupid, more inclined towards criminal activities than getting a job, and lusting after White women (for the men at least). That is how they are raised to think of us, and it will never change – especially with that old toupee-wearing goat in the White House, Race relations in this country have never been truly good, but President Obama’s holding the reins for a double term only made it worse. All I can admit is that I would much rather know where I stand with someone, rather than have them pretend that they like me. I’ve known of Whites who claimed not to be prejudiced or influenced by skin color in any way, then they would turn around and the use the word ‘nigger’.

In closing, I would like to remind my fellow Black Americans to stop the in-fighting and start the healing within our own communities. Until we do, we will never rise above racism as a people.


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