I don’t know about you, but I certainly hold the opinion that he is – definitely he’s one of the uglier celebs out there today. When I first saw him, before I even knew his name, the first thought that entered my head was: Damn, that’s an ugly boy! I mean, the kid looks like a bug-eyed goon, some sort of Martian landed here on earth to scare the humans. While Bruno baby is surely a homely sort, he’s not the gruesomest thing to ever become a celebrity. What follows is my list of some of the most hideous 2-legged creatures passing as homo sapiens (when the reality is they are probably aliens):

  1. Jay Z – Revolting, big lipped, ape-nosed, creepy eyes…what the fuck does Beyonce see in this repulsive lizard?
  2. Channing Tatum – I cannot understand why he is considered so ‘hot’. Yeah, when he’s standing in the fires of Hell!
  3. 50 Cent – Gorilla man lives!
  4. Leonardo DiCaprio – Slit eyes, grunky face, just plain ugly to me.
  5. David Duchovny – Nerd City. Need I say more?
  6. Dean Winters – Holy Fug, this is one butt ugly beast!

  7. Gordon Ramsey – He’s only a few years older than my brother but looks as if he could be his father.
  8. Owen Wilson – Blond and ugly, the worst combination ever.
  9. Norman Reedus – Why he is thought of as a ‘redneck hunk’ staggers my mind. He’s weird looking, not sexy at all.
  10. Steve Harvey – Ghastly. That thick mustache has got to go.
  11. Neil Patrick Harris – A repugnant queen.
  12. Peter Stormare – Hideous, one of the Truly Ugly Trio from the goofball flick Fargo.

  13. Ray Liotta – Unpleasant looking creature with a strange smile, and he’s really gotten more horrifying now that he’s older.
  14. Michael Strahan – Unsightly and gap-toothed. I always hated gap teeth!
  15. Chad Kroeger – Frightfully homely, the entire band is. They also have some of the worst music ever. Canuck bands usually suck.
  16. Sean Penn – I never thought Sean had a lick of cute anywhere, not even in his hairstyles.
  17. Will Ferrell – Ugliest motha in comedy. No wait. the next one on the list ties with him!
  18. John C. Reilly – Words fail me…

  19. Steve Buscemi – Whew! Unbelievable how gruesome he is!
  20. Danny Trejo – How the hell did this monster ever get into the movies? Of course, he is never a Leading Man…
  21. William H. Macy – Short, weird features, creepy voice. All around Ug McFug.
  22. Samuel L. Jackson – Looks like a chihuahua or a Boston Terrier – or a mixture of both. A real Black demon.

  23. Kiefer Sutherland – He’s got a pigface, but then look at his father lol.
  24. Quentin Tarantino – Goddang, this is one hideous honky!
  25. Spike Lee – Freaky, lizard-eyed, sawed off Negro with an agenda.
  26. John Cusack – He looks like a White Chink. Seriously.
The above list is by no means an exclusive one, these are just the Ug-Nuts I came up within a half hour period. I would not want to even shake hands with a thing that looks like any of those mugs and as for kissing them? GAG ME WITH A RUSTY SPOON! Why is it that women nearly always have to look good, be attractive in some way, but the men can be the worst dogs on the planet? Come on, Hollywood. Stop being so damned sexist and bring back the handsome leading man before the world ends, because these guys – some of whom play main roles – are definitely not what I consider ‘HOT’.


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