Why do you detest Black people so? What is it about dark skin that frightens you? What repels you about those wit African features? Why do you feel that you are better than non-Whites, especially Blacks and brown-skinned Latinos? What makes Asians more acceptable than other minorities?

Explain your feelings, your beliefs, your opinions. I certainly explain mine through this blog! But I want to hear your thoughts now. Comment, please. Don’t be afraid, I’m not going to magically appear on your doorstep with Glock in hand, though I may put a Bad Karma curse on you and your family.

Yes, even Whites look similar

Growing up as a woman of color in the South, I was continually warned about the prejudices of White people – my White teachers, the White children I attended grade school with, and the (mostly) White principals that headed the schools. As a non-White child in a world run by Caucasians, I had to remember my place, walk on ice, and mind my manners…not an easy task for a child and damn near impossible for the rebellious teenager that I became.

At college, I turned into a Bleeding Heart Liberal. Not because of the environment, it was just me as an atheist throwing off the strangling yoke of Biblical teachings, freeing myself from the constraints of a brainwashing I never knew I’d been subjugated to. The only people I didn’t feel sorry for were criminals such as killers, pedophiles, abusers of the elderly, rapists, that sort of creature. Everyone else I felt had an explanation for being the way they were and doing the things they did.
By the time I entered my 30s, my political views were becoming middle-of-the-road and I also was smarting hurtfully from my associations with Americans of European ancestry. I felt discriminated against in the job market and talking about this with White partners didn’t help matters any because as White men, they clearly did not see any bigotry; in fact, they believed that I, as a woman of color, had two advantages over most people seeing employment: I was a woman and I was Black.

Now that I am in my 40s, I am very much a cynical people-hater and I tend to isolate myself from forming close associations with my fellow homo sapiens. Of all the earth’s peoples, however, it is the Caucasian race that I distrust the most and it’s a shame to having to admit not liking White Americans much if at all, especially since they elected that ‘pussy grabber’ into the White House. but because these are my people as far as nationality is concerned – so there are times I feel I must take up for them when Americans are slurred by citizens of other countries.

I know White people are brought up to believe that those not of their race are somehow less human, more inferior, not as smart, lazy, drunken, and prone to acts of violence. Even though statistics prove that these opinions are simply not credible, Whites will vainly hold onto their feelings of superiority as it is often all they have. (You have noticed that low-class, poor and uneducated White people tend to be the most racist?) It’s been my experience, however, that it is Blacks that Whites really hate, and it shows more plainly than the colors of the Rainbow Nation flag. Perhaps one day I will learn the true reasons why and maybe I never will. I just wish that you White people would wake up and smell the bullshit for what it is, and admit your wrongdoings, loathing, and very un-Christian feelings. Ciao.

And you look a bit queer to me!


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