I find it laughable that while nearly 66,000,000 fools voted Trump into the White House, his approval ratings after a mere 100 days in office reveal that only 37% at this time support the prez, while 56% do not. Polls show that his approval among fellow Republicans has dropped 10% in a 2 week period to 81%, and 50% of Whites now do not support the president compared with earlier in the month.

Trump’s biggest supporters, Conservatives, White Americans, men and ‘especially those without a college degree’, have been leaving Camp Trump in droves, apparently due to the elderly man’s mood swings and volatile Tweets, which he keeps posting despite his eroding fan base. I don’t know if the Prez is entering his second childhood or what, but his silly little temper tantrums whenever he doesn’t like what someone says or writes about him speaks volumes on the type of person he is.

A total of 73 percent of American voters say President Trump and his Administration make statements without evidence to support them “very often” or “somewhat often.” Only 25 percent of American voters say Trump is more honest than most of the previous presidents; 48 percent say he is less honest and 24 percent say he is about as honest.

Another poll found that –

57 percent of respondents see Trump’s presidency as illegitimate. The majority includes 75 percent of young African-Americans and large majorities of Latinos and Asians.

However, a small majority (53 percent) of young whites consider his presidency legit.

All in all, just 22 percent of all young adults approve of Trump’s handling of the job so far — compared to 62 percent who disapprove.

Polls conducted between March 10, 2017 and March 22, 2017.

Poll Approve Disaprove Spread


RealClearPolitics. As of March 24, 2017; refreshed daily. Show details 


Even Trump’s American Healthcare Act is not preferred by many over the Affordable Healthcare Act and he’s throwing fits about that as well. Of course, this is an America Online poll and cannot be trusted as fully as one from Gallup or other sources, but it does reveal the very low opinion most Americans now hold for their precious prez, whom they ‘love and adore’, as one Facebook cunt put it.

In fact, Trump’s current approval rating is lower than former Prez Obama’s rating at his lowest point. I knew this would happen when I learned that he had won. I said to myself back in November that his supporters would regret voting him into office. Turns out I was correct in my prediction, as they are paying for their mindless votes now and it’s good enough for them.


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