Bin Laden, Personification of Evil?

People are evil creatures. If I had to choose between spending the night in the remote jungles of Congo or New York City, I would choose the Congo any day of the week. I would much rather live as a recluse up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains far away from humans than to spend a lot of time in Los Angeles or any other big city. Big cities are full of people, and people are wicked. I detest them and prefer to be isolated from them whenever I can but that’s not always possible, especially since I live in a small city. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I must live among demons.

People are nasty. I mean this in both ways – they are not clean, except those with a hygiene fetish, and they are quite rude as hell. When I was growing up, it was common for cashiers, law officers, clerks, and others who deal with the public to be polite. These days you’re hard-pressed to expect courtesy from such people and I’m always surprised when I receive it. The other day, I had trouble at the self checkout at Walmart Neighborhood Market and the female cashier was very courteous and helpful, which I certainly did not expect. I may call the store and let management know how helpful she was.

People are cold-hearted. All you need in order to realize this is true is to peruse social media after a non-White person is killed by police, or watch Fox News when anything involving a Black or Latino  or Muslim person comes up. I’ve seen some hard-hearted Blacks on The First 48 but the types on that show are generally criminals. Fox News talking heads are supposed to be educated, higher class types. Yet by their words and actions, you can see that there is little difference between them and the lowest redneck trailer trash. They simply have better careers, a higher education, and more money.

People are immoral. They speak about having morals and being such good individuals, particularly when they are followers of some religion – especially the Big Semitic 3 – but the truth is, morals are simply concepts created by people and not a mythical Sky God looking down on us from afar. Good and evil are notions that mankind came up with in order to justify bad behavior. When a person is not acting ‘normally’, that person is said to be ‘evil’, and therefore, immoral as well. Take a good look at the adult industry which is rife with immorality, as well as the LGBT community – if good morals are a trait of those who are religiously upright, then bad morals are a sinful attribute and this means that those who do not live by the laws of religious belief systems are living immorally.

People are naturally sinful. They are mean as hell, spiteful, bullying, and selfish. I see it all the time on social media and even in mainstream news. Whites in particular are venomous, loathsome, and filled with extreme abhorrence towards anyone who isn’t like them, Blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims especially even though many Hispanics identify as White and Middle Eastern peoples are of the Caucasian race. Lots of White Americans run to churches on Sundays same as Blacks, but they are not as Christian-like in their behavior due to racism…and I would never step foot in an all White church here in the South though I have attended one that has a slightly diverse congregation.

We tend to think of those like General Mao, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin, etc as evil…but there are plenty of ordinary individuals that are as wicked as the day is long. Are Ted Bundy, Coral Eugene Watts, Jeffrey Dahmer or Dean Corll any more evil than Jerry Brudos, Harvey Glattman, Cary Stayner or Westley Allan Dodd simply because they murdered more people? Hitler did not bloody his own hands, same as Charles Manson – yet when we hear or see the word ‘evil’ one or both of these two guys may come to mind. From my research, Stalin never personally killed anyone either.

To sum things up, humans are a demonic cancer upon this planet and have surely almost destroyed it.


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