I am beyond tired of hearing about how ‘witches’ bring evil into homes, or how they put ‘curses’ on people that result in the alleged victim becoming possessed or their houses being haunted and all sorts of Puritanical nonsense. Most Witches, usually of the type that call themselves Wiccan, do not practice black magick (yes, often spelled with a ‘k’), and believe in Karmic Law anyway so they would never place any type of curse on anyone, unless they are what’s called – unfortunately – a Black Witch, or simply do not care.

I was watching one of the recent episodes of A Haunting. which has never been a favorite show of mine but is entertaining nevertheless. This young girl becomes pregnant and moves in with her boyfriend and his mother. As it turns out, the girl’s former best friend was jealous of the boyfriend, gets angry enough to place a curse – which they did not know of course – on the teenager and his mother, and suddenly the shit hits the fan.

The show’s producers and writers had the actress portraying the discarded friend dressed Gothic style, because we all know that those weirdos in black are evil, wicked, demonic beings, they wouldn’t look the way they do, otherwise. Right? Not only that, but the girl was quite pale the way Goths always supposedly are, and the spell casting itself took place in a cemetery not far from the house where the three unaware people were living.

Now maybe this former bestie did place a curse upon her old pal’s boyfriend and mother out of envy. Perhaps she really did perform the ritual in an old cemetery nearby. She probably really was a Witch – or that was just something that she called herself. However, this does not excuse the fact that Witches are wholly maligned by these paranormal shows to the point of nausea, and I am damn sick of it. Wicca is a protected religion – yes, a religion – just like Christianity, Catholicism (which isn’t lumped together with the first due to believers following the Pope and not the Holy Trinity), Judaism, Islam, Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and even Agnosticism.

I would say that anyone who ventures into a cemetery to perform a ritual is either a practitioner of the dark arts or a flat out Satanist – and not the Church of Satan type either, they don’t truly believe in the Devil as a god, they are more or less hedonists, believers in the flesh, materialistic and satirical. What pisses me off even more about these shows is that the so-called victims of the attacks always call in a ‘paranormal expert’, usually part of a paranormal investigations team, to put an end to their terror. I wonder too why so many paranormal investigators are overweight? Anyway, why don’t these alleged victims just call on God to save them if that’s what they believe in?

At least the Warrens made a distinction between those that practice Wicca and those that do not.


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