The final season of Le Redneck Extravaganza aired in March and I for one am glad it’s over! Now if only they will remove forever Chrisley Knows Best, My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Keeping up With The Kardashians, She’s in Charge, Mama June From Not to Hot, and Bring It!, I will be able to breathe more easily – and please – DO NOT EVER SHOW RERUNS. I mean that goddang it.

Who watches that bullshit? I honestly cannot figure out how anyone could have such a dull, boring  life that watching crappy reality TV makes for great entertainment. Who in her/his right mind would choose to watch Wahlburgers, for example, over Mysteries at The Museum – a show that actually teaches you something? I’m all about learning, self-improvement, and discovery, not watching trashy White people with peckerwood accents who probably are racist anyway (most pale-faced Southerners are and I don’t trust any of them, not even my fiance – and he does have a backwoods voice).

That slob on My Big Fat Fabulous Life needs to lose weight before she drops dead of a heart attack from consuming too much fatty, greasy foods. Same with that creature of She’s in Charge; they both look as if they are wearing the latest K-Mart Blue Light Specials. As for Mama June, she got her new ‘looks’ from the money made off of that ugly little thing they call Honey Boo Boo. And she’s still not hot to me. Bring It! is one of the most ghetto reality shows out there, so much project chick drama, hood rat jealousy, and typical Nubian queen envy. Not to mention all that weave!

Another shit show is RuPaul’s Drag Race. OMG, queens galore! I just cannot believe the low levels TV has truly sunk to and all because Jews love money so much, they will put anything out there that smacks of immorality, because they know most Americans are stupid enough to suck it in. What this is teaching our children makes me shake my head in disgust. If I had kids – and I don’t because I don’t like them – I would not allow them to watch any of that disgusting filth.

Now there’s Nate & Jeremiah by Design, a queer duo of designers who have a daughter I feel quite sorry for, having to be raised by two men. I would much rather be raised by a single parent any time rather than a couple of fags or dykes, but that’s my opinion and I am entitled to it. Two men kissing each other. Gross! If one of my parents had come out of the closet, I would definitely have limited contact with her/him, if any at all. Then again, I don’t speak to the sperm donor anyhow so…

I wish all reality shows that aren’t educational would simply vanish. I think the United States and its citizens would be better off, and probably learn to be more productive people without that dog poop polluting TV so that the greedy Hymies in charge of everything can make more money for Zionism. That’s what it all boils down to – making money. The producers of all this rubbish get the bulk of it. At least some of the dreck is finally being laid to rest, as with Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.

So farewell to Duck Dynasty, and may y’all never return.


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