Ahh, America. Land of the ‘free’ and home of the brave – so long as a gun is in their hands. One of the main reasons Europeans brought their asses overseas to take over this huge country from the Natives is freedom. They were not allowed much freedom back in the Old World, so they came to the New one to establish a territory where they would be free. (Unfortunately, they killed off large numbers of the Natives in order to do so, a devastation that the Natives are still reeling from even today.)

Because most – probably all – of the so called ‘founding fathers’ were Christian, many Americans still believe today that only Christians (and Jews even though they are not followers of Christ) belong in America. For some strange reason, a great number of Americans tend to feel that Christianity is the only way to heaven, only Christian leaders have a direct line to God, and everyone else is going to Hell in a hand basket. They seem to have forgotten the first Amendment –

Amendment 1

Freedom of Religion, Speech, and the Press

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

People in this country are free to practice whatever form of religion they so choose, be it Satanism, Mysticism, Voodoo (which a lot of Whites don’t believe is a ‘legitimate’ religion), Shindo, Islam, Wicca, or Rastafari. When you hear or read or say the word ‘religion’, it shouldn’t automatically make you think of Christianity. But I am sure that it does. When I say Christianity, I do not mean the Catholics – who pray to statues of ‘saints’ and pretty much worship the Pope – or Mormons, neither of whom are even lumped together with Christianity (though Jehovah’s Witnesses are). I don’t mean Scientologists either, that is not even a religion in my book. It’s just some weird organization whose brainwashed members suffer badly from Celebrity Worship Syndrome.

Look what happened to the natural belief systems of the African slaves. Taken from their ancestral lands, forced to learn the language of their captors, intimidated into discarding their own religions for that of their slavers, torn apart from their families, and stripped of their humanity, African slaves were treated worse than dogs by their ‘owners’. It is an effect that American Blacks have not yet overcome more than a hundred years after the end of that brutal system of oppression and possibly never will. To this day, if you mention the fact that Blacks in Africa did not follow a pale-skinned Jewish Christ, Black Americans will be shocked into speechlessness and probably will damn you to Hell for heresy.

I reside in the Bible Belt, in a small city where there appears to be a church on every corner (indeed, in my immediate neighborhood, there are 5 within walking distance of my humble abode and where one – a small cult where the women wear skirts and white headgear and the men full suits even in 90 degree heat – sits right across the street). If you don’t go to church, you’re either: 1) a Hell-bound sinner; 2) an atheist; 3) just plum crazy. I guess I am all three since I don’t believe, rarely attend any church services (except when my fiance wants to go which hasn’t been lately as he works 7 days a week), and some would say I am frigging insane.

Baptists make up the biggest group, followed by Moravians and then possibly Methodists. There is a large Greek Orthodox church here as well, a few Catholic congregations, one synagogue, and a Black Muslim mosque about a mile from where I live. I guess the Middle Eastern adherents of Islam must drive all the way to the next biggest city for a mosque to worship in, as I doubt they attend the one in my area. Middle Eastern Muslims tend to look down their typically large noses at Black people, a subject I will touch on in a future post.

Christianity is the biggest belief system here in America, but it is not the only one and the Far Right should stop acting like it is. It’s not a proven path to any afterlife either. Where is the proof that any of that stuff is true anyhow? Forget the argument ‘For we walk by faith, not by sight’. I became a non-believer many years ago, and having had close relatives die since then has not made me turn back to religion – if anything, it has pushed me further from it. As I have written previously, it is laughable to me that so many well-educated people choose to follow a book of fairy tales, which is all that the Bible is. Fables, legends, and lore for adults. Grown people shouldn’t need fables to tell them how to live.


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