The Jews have done it again, and so has Jessica Chastain, who played a Mossad agent in the Zionist film The Debt. Now there’s The Zookeeper’s Wife, the story of Antonina Zabinski and hubby, who risk their lives to save a couple hundred Jews during the Nazi era in Poland, a country that was – and still is – far more anti Semitic than Germany ever could have been. (Though in 2015 Ms. Chastain, who is not a pretty girl whatsoever, stated that Jew-run Hollywood needs more diversity. Hmmm.)

Of course, the White is Right troops will chime in to claim that Hollywood is anti-Caucasian, that the Jews of Hollywood churn out far more pro-Black, pro-gay, and pro-feminist movies than those that place Whites on top, where they feel they rightly belong. But that’s not what I am blogging about.

As if the world hasn’t had enough of Holocaust movies and the oft-told tales of Jewish suffering, we now have this unheard of story being pushed into our faces because, let’s face it folks, the Jews are not going to allow us to forget what happened to them any time soon. Never mind the millions of Native Americans slaughtered for their land, or the millions of Cambodians annihilated by the Pol Pot regime, nor the thousands of innocent Blacks lynched after the Civil War, nor the millions of Africans that died during the Slave Trade, of which many Jews played a part (their greed knows no bounds, money is one of the greatest driving forces of Jews, and the power that comes along with it).

With all the Holocaust memoirs in existence, Hollywood will keep the Poor Suffering Jews in the limelight for years to come, even though the majority of Jews are affluent, usually secular, and marry out of their religion more often than not (though there are some misguided non-Jews who, upon being wedded to a Jew, actually – gasp! – convert to Judaism). Why the Jewish people feel that they must keep pushing the Holocaust in our faces every damn year makes me wonder if the sole reason for it is simply money, money, money. Jews have always been money-grubbers, ever since the dim dark days when they changed it in the temples, and nowadays they are more so. It’s very easy for a Jew to make it in Hollywood, even without a lick of talent or good looks (and most of them definitely lack looks).

If you are a non-Jew and you do something for the Jewish people, such as what many did during the Holocaust, you will earn the title Righteous Gentile – as if we aren’t considered righteous unless we save the Jews or whatever, as Ms. Zabinski and her husband, among others, have been called by the (Zionist) State of Israel. The Torah certainly teaches anti-Gentile/Goy (a sort of slur for non-Jews) to Jewish people, so that even those you thin are your friend(s) truly are not. A Jew will only be friends with another Jew. This is why the Europeans despised them so, among other reasons you may have heard of or read about. Jews stick together, they will always consider themselves Jewish even when they follow Paganism or become Messianic Jews, and they will always put Jewish interests first.

Jews harp on the Holocaust but do they ever mention their own crimes? No! Bolshevik Jews are responsible for the murders of more than 40 million Russian Christians when the Communists took Russia from the Czars, and kill dozens of Palestinians daily – this from a group of people that many Christians are brainwashed into believing are ‘peaceful’, ‘religious’, and ‘God-fearing’. Pro Zionist Christians are just as bad as the Jews themselves, and humbly go about serving these mammon-crazed parasites without a thought, just because they mistakenly think ‘the Bible told them so.’ Sad. You don’t have to believe me, just look at the despicable programming on TV, the filth that passes as entertainment, the immorality present in movies, and the decline of Western culture in general. It is all at the hands of the Jews, and they continue to laugh at us ‘dumb Goyim’ all the way to the banks.


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