Amid the controversy surrounding talking head bigot Bill O’Reilly’s disgusting remarks concerning Congresswoman Maxine Walters’ hairstyle comes a lawsuit from former Black female employees of the Fox Network alleging racism and sexism. Surprise, surprise, eh? The target of the lawsuit is the former controller for the accounting department, Judy Slater, who worked on the 2nd floor of Fox’s Manhattan headquarters. Roger Ailes, ousted former chief executive, also worked there – sexual harassment charges were lodged against him as well as other execs. Apparently, Slater had made a number of racial insults in the past and I guess her prejudices finally caught up with her in February.

I wrote in my previous post that I cannot understand why any non-White, non-Christian would watch Fox News unless s/he was brainwashed. I stand by my observation.

Fox News is virulently racist. That a network would allow such comments to be made by their White talking heads speaks volumes about the Good Ol’ Boy camaraderie and institutional racism that exists in America. It appears that White Americans have no sense of duty towards anyone but their own race, despite what they claim to the contrary. They simply do not care that hurtful remarks are made about others – it does not affect them so why should they? But when the shoe is on the other foot, they start bitching and crying and whining and sulking like spoiled little children.

Take Black Lives Matter, for example. It’s racist, White people say. Fox News in particular seems to be totally against BLM and any other movement that reveals Black solidarity. For years, Whites have been able to join White organizations like the Ku Klux Klan, White Citizens Councils, American Nazi Party, and segregated international societies such as the Freemasons and the Elks, keeping out Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims, Jews, and whoever else they deem ‘unworthy’ and this still goes on with certain country clubs. But you don’t hear Fox News proclaiming it to be ‘racist’ for some orgs to still be ‘Whites only’ do you? Oh no.

According to an article on the Huffington Post, Conservative America – Republicans, the Far Right, and Teabaggers in other words – have made Fox News the most watched cable network of all, beating out CNN in 2002 and ESPN in 2016. Only NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox bested Fox News in prime time viewership last year. So far this year, Fox News has seen its highest ever ratings. This does not bode well for America when a racist, sexist network is so popular but now I know who voted Trump into the White House – Fox News ditto heads. The most watched show on Fox News in 2016 was – no shocker here – The O’Reilly Factor, followed by The Kelly File and the Special Report with Bret Baier. Fox and Friends was on the bottom of the Fox News list but still ahead of Anderson Cooper.

That President Trump follows Fox News and believes every word they spout on air, as confirmed by many of his infamous Tweets, goes to prove my point that bigots will stick together. Not only has Fox News made racist (and sexist) allegations in the past, they have made many false statements which you can learn about here. Trump supporters have admitted that they got their political news about their Great White Savior from Fox News, and I’ll bet my last dollar those dunces are still watching Fox News and giggling every time the talking shitheads make a racist/sexist statement.

The Bottom line? Fox News is racist, it’s also sexist, and their aim is to keep power firmly in the hands of the White Establishment now that they have gotten Obama out and an ‘orange’ man with a worse hairstyle than Congresswoman Walters in. They still are harping on the Obama Admin – get over it, assholes. You’ve got your White Man in there, so don’t worry…be happy. I’m sure he will do exactly as you want him to, Russian allies and all.


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