Black people have born the brunt of White racism for hundreds of years, ever since the Europeans went to Africa and the two races encountered each other for the first time. I’m sure it must have been hate at first sight. I am not sure how or why we became such a despised race, maybe it’s true that we are cursed in some way. But it’s an unpleasant fact that we are, and you can see that whenever you watch a documentary on White supremacy and White separatists. They always refer to us as ‘niggers’ (thought they often use the slurs ‘spics’ and ‘wetbacks’ for Hispanics), but use the term Jews when they talk about that particular religious group. I am not sure how they refer to Asians, but they call gays ‘queers’ and ‘homos’ from the docs I have seen.

For some reason, others look at Black people and they see monkeys. They feel disgust, fear, and an intense loathing. Our skin is dark but there are others just as dark. Is it our hair? I really don’t know. But they find us detestable, and it shows in the history of racist cartoons once created by no other than MGM, Walt Disney, Loony Tunes, Merrie Melodies, Warner Brothers, and R.K.O., among others. There are thousands of cartoons featuring suicides, pornography, drug use, alcohol and smoking, gambling, cross-dressing, sexism, even adultery, but especially racism – mainly towards Blacks. Most of these questionable cartoons were produced from 1930 – 1950, the ‘Golden Age’ of Animation. You may view clips of them right here. Youtube also has plenty of these abominable clips complete with racist comments by typical immature-minded keyboard cowards.

According to the site Banned Cartoons, these cartoons, like the cliché goes, were a product of their times and represent a period of American history where views were very different than they are now. While they are certainly not suitable for viewing by children without adult supervision and guidance, they are important historical documents that should be available to all. They are necessary for the development of anyone’s cultural and historical literacy. I wonder would they feel the same if Whites were similarly treated in hundreds of cartoons. Probably not. That most of these racist cartoons were produced by Jews is telling. Jews are White people, and they share the same prejudices of your typical White Anglo Saxon Protestant. The only difference is in the prominent features which comes from inbreeding, and their rejection of the Jewish messiah.

I remember some of these cartoons as a child, and they certainly made an impression on me even then as I knew that there was something not right about a cartoon character being burnt and then crying out in parody of a Negro accent, “My oh my, tattle tail gray!” Another scene depicted little blond angels singing, “They’re burning Rome, they’re burning Rome!” and when the flames swept over them, they became little Black pickaninnies singing “Way down upon the Swanee River…” Very funny. I knew it was racist as a ten, eleven, and twelve year old kid, those cartoons bothered the hell out of me but I was not shocked when I Googled ‘racist cartoons’ and found a slew of other clips I had never before seen nor heard of.


Bob Clampett, director of many of the most notorious banned cartoons, had this to state: In 1942, during the height of anti-Japanese sentiment during World War II, I was approached in Hollywood by the cast of an all-black musical off-broadway production called Jump For Joy while they were doing some special performances in Los Angeles. They asked me why there weren’t any Warner’s cartoons with black characters and I didn’t have any good answer for that question. So we sat down together and came up with a parody of Disney’s “Snow White” and “Coal Black” was the result. They did all the voices for that cartoon, even though Mel Blanc’s contract with Warners gave him sole voice credit for all Warners cartoons by then. There was nothing racist or disrespectful toward blacks intended in that film at all, nor in Tin Pan Alley Cats which is just a parody of jazz piano great Fats Waller, who was always hamming into the camera during his musical films. Everybody, including blacks had a good time when these cartoons first came out. All the controversy about these two cartoons has developed in later years merely because of changing attitudes toward black civil rights that have happened since then.

More recently, racist cartoons have centered on former President Obama and his administration. We shall see how many cartoons there are that depict Donald Trump and his family in a similar light. I for one certainly will not be holding my breath.


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