I write this blog for myself but if others want to read it, I am not going to stop them. I shoot straight from the hip so if anyone is ever offended by anything I post, that’s their damn problem. Don’t read it. Don’t follow the blog. It’s as plain and simple as that. I don’t care whose feelings get hurt or who feels slighted by whatever I write. Grow some balls and get over it.

That being said – or written as the case may be – I will confess that I do sometimes post sentiments that are intended to incite anger, disbelief, curiosity, and fear. I want you to be provoked by some of the topics I write about. I want you to research for yourself many of the statements I have posted in this blog so that you will have a better grasp on whatever subject I’ve expressed an opinion about. Don’t just take my word for it. Find out on your own and then form your own views about it. That’s what I want all of my readers/followers to do.

I’ve never been apologetic about my feelings on certain issues. I have my judgment on these matters and they tend to be quite firm, probably due to my age – once you get past 40, you are more inclined to be unwavering in your outlook. Hell, I was heading that way once I reached 30 and when I get to 50 I will undoubtedly be even more set in my ways. It’s like with college students and their Liberal propensities turning ever more conservative as they grow older, until they are members of the Far Right by the time they hit 60.

None of us is absolutely free of prejudices or bigotry or racism. Human nature is to want to feel part of a social group, and most social groups are made up of people with similar values, similar beliefs, similar background, and similar appearance. Like attracts like – usually. Maybe this is why 41% of interracial marriages end in divorce, with White female/Asian male pairings being the most likely to wind up breaking apart. People generally are more comfortable with those that are like themselves. I know this is true for me; I do not feel at ease with my boyfriend’s family, whom I consider ‘rednecks’ barely a step above White trash. If they were yuppies, I wouldn’t feel any more comfortable around them. I don’t know if it’s because they are Southern or the fact that his parents hadn’t approved of a Black guy his sister once dated, but there it is. I’d rather not be in their presence for any length of time though I have spent a few hours in his mother’s company when we all went to a flea market together.

On the other hand, I don’t feel entirely comfortable around a lot of Blacks either, particularly those that are dark skinned. I always feel that they are going to make some type of remark about my light skin, or my hazel eyes, or ask me if I have ‘White blood’. I used to be called ‘redbone’ by Black guys and that term, which I consider offensive, has left its mark on me. I was also jeered at by jealous Blacks – ‘yalla’, ‘White girl’, and ‘Whitey’ being some of the names I was taunted with. This is why I do not feel relaxed around Black people and also why I have not dated many Black men. They always have this urge to comment about my skin color and I am damn tired of hearing that shit. So my skin is light. So fucking what? It isn’t my fault, I have a biracial father and a mother whose grandmother was biracial and whose mother was very light. I get my hazel eyes from them. I have no Native American blood whatsoever, it’s all Black and White and that’s how I got my complexion.

As a child, I was more accepted by the White kids in school than the Blacks. Black girls were filled with envy, and to this day I have no true Black female friends and even those that I have considered to be my ‘friend’ have made those dreaded remarks. Now I just stay away from having women pals. It’s much easier to just be ‘one of the guys’. Men don’t have the same hang ups that women do. Gosh, I can’t stand bitches at times! One reason I got out of office work was having to be around jealous ass bitches all the time. Females are so catty, I wonder that they can even be buddies with each other. I can’t wait to get my CDL or tattoo apprenticeship and not have to be around envious twats anymore.

The clothes are now finished washing, I’ve drunk all my morning caffeine, and I have taken my daily vitamins. It’s time to close this, shut down the laptop, and get on with the Sunday chores. Later.


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