There is a terrible problem with racism in the United States. Not only that, but there is misogyny, ageism, homophobia, and now Islamaphobia, and it appears that these issues are not going away any time soon. Those with their heads stuck in the proverbial sand will declare that people today ‘just aren’t like that’ or it’s ‘mostly older people who think that way’, etc. Who uses social media to death? I would venture to say that it’s the younger generations, particularly the so-called Millennials, who are so enamored of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Vimeo, and all the others.

Adobo, which analyzed 12 million Tweets sent between June 2014 and December 2015, discovered that usage of racist, sexist, homophobic, and other slurs was prevalent in more cities/communities than in others. The top 10 states for the most derogatory language in general are:

I am a bit surprised about Rhode Island and Delaware, somewhat astonished with California and Nevada but the rest don’t amaze me at all. Ohio and Michigan are ‘redneck Yankee’ states, and as for the rest…well, you know. As far as the second list is concerned, I am rather taken aback to find Arkansas there. I’d think it would be on the first list or at least somewhere in the middle rankings.

The above 2 compilations are telling, I see 5 Southern cities, with a city straddling the North & South in the lead, Yankee territory and the Midwest also included. I am surprised not to find more Southern cities listed. Maybe my fellow grits-n-butter folks are more open-minded and less ignorant than I’ve previously held them to be.

I’m rather stunned by California, Texas, and Miami being hotbeds of anti Hispanic Tweets, as those states and that city are heavily Hispanic. Then again, that is probably the reason for the bigotry on social media directed towards those of Hispanic descent.

Louisiana is leading the 50 states with derogatory language. Apparently, that state is comprised of a large number of ignoramuses who are sorely lacking in self esteem, all with an inferiority complex to rival that of even the late Adolf Hitler. True, I have used such language myself and I nearly always use it when I’m raging on the road, but I don’t Tweet abusive posts every day or even once a month. When I do, it’s a meme and it’s usually done in jest. Just from the list below, I would not care to even visit one of the following cities, nor would I dare to live in them. Hell, I don’t want to anyway – who wants to reside in those miserable hellholes?

I thought the Rainbow Nation was more accepted than Blacks or Hispanics but I guess I was wrong to judge from the above compilation and this one below. California, which I always considered one of those states whose inhabitants are more liberal than most, apparently isn’t as open-minded as I have thought. I know one cannot go by Tweets alone, but the numbers of slurs are pretty telling. It’s a good thing that I’m not a lesbian living in one of those cities because I’d be afraid of getting my ass kicked.

How can anyone pick on disabled people? I can understand having sentiments against fat people, but those with Down Syndrome, autism, ADD, dementia, and TBI cannot help it. Firstly, some of them are born with their handicaps, and others receive them in car accidents and in other mishaps, and there are those who suffer from dementia as they grow older. These idiots must have voted for Trump as he also seems to view handicapped people with derision, which his mocking of the reporter Sergei Kovaleski proves (don’t believe moronic Fox News who claims Trump wasn’t picking on the guy).

These Twitter Tweets reveal an astounding truth about America – it’s a nation of pin-brained psychos.


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