The story of the West Memphis Three continues with Vicki Hutcheson, who was being questioned in a theft case by one of the detectives. She took along her 8 year old son, Aaron, and somehow went from an alleged thief to an amateur investigator when her little boy started talking about the murdered children. From the mouths of babes…yet the police in the case started believing this child, even when his tales became more fantastical by the week. He finally admitted to actually witnessing the killings, and he identified Damien, Jason, and Jessie as the perpetrators.

The investigators grow excited. They now have proof that ‘weirdo’ Damien, ‘misfit’ Jason, and ‘street thug’ Jessie have committed these gruesome acts of violence. Aaron saw them. He described in detail what happened. As the weeks progressed, the little boy’s stories would grow more incredible yet these grown men, with their years of law enforcement experience, education, and maturity, would continue to put a great deal of stock in the accounts.

Vicki got herself introduced to Damien and ‘pretended’ to ‘date’ him for the sole purpose of soliciting information from him for the cops. Now if that don’t just beat all! She told detectives that they tried to get her to take part in an orgy, but she got away from them and now was in fear for her life. If these hayseed detectives had any evidence at all other than hearsay that these teenagers had committed such a heinous act as torturing, raping, and killing these innocent boys, why did they feel they needed the lies of an obviously attention-seeking kid and his mother, who had the look of a substance abuser?

What about Jessie’s confessions? Several sites that are anti-WM3 will claim that his confessions are true, and that they do implicate Damien and Jason. Those that are pro-WM3 will state that Jessie’s confessions were coerced. I got my information from unbiased sources and they unequivocally affirm that the confessions were ‘made up’, that one can tell from how Jessie utters ‘uh’ and uses certain words and phrases that he is thinking hard about what to tell the detective(s). Jessie Misskelly does not have an average intelligence. He is actually what used to be termed ‘mentally retarded’ years ago. His confessions should never have been used to obtain arrest warrants for Damien and Jason because he was legally underage and should have had his parents present. What does someone who didn’t even know Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas, know about his Rights and the Miranda Warning?

 Then enters Satan. If nothing else screams guilt in the Bible Belt, it’s the presence of the Devil and when you’ve got a youth who dresses in black clothing and calls himself ‘Damien’ – reputedly after the anti-Christ in The Omen – and another who wears concert T shirts of such bands as Metallica, well folks, you have certainly got some murder suspects there. Put them together with an outcast like Jessie and what have you then? A trio of child killers, what else! Sure, these three teenagers could have manhandled three 8 year old kids, but I never thought it was possible when I read the Blood of Innocents and I really began to doubt the convictions of Damien, Jason, and Jessie after reading the Devils Knot because watching the first two of the Paradise Lost documentaries didn’t sway me – it was too evident how much the filmmakers believed in the teenagers’ innocence.

Now West Memphis is not your typical Southern town like those the size of my city, which has probably eight times the population that West Memphis had in 2010 (26,245) . Lots of White boys wore concert T shirts with the names of heavy metal bands on them during the late 80s/early 90s, and a lot of kids here wore black – hell, I always did because it made me appear slimmer. Why would anyone be considered a devil worshiper for liking Ozzy Osbourne or Motley Crue? Bumpkins. You would think young people wouldn’t be as narrow-minded as their elders but I guess Americans are different in that part of the country.

In the next post I will examine the convictions and two other suspects, John Mark Byers and Terry Wayne Hobbs, stepfather of two of the slain children.


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