I have always considered Asians – by Asians I mean Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Cambodian, Thai, Laotion, Vietnamese, Burmese, Indonesian, Malaysian, and Nepalese peoples – to be the least attractive and weirdest looking. Indians, Turks, Pakistanis and such are not as homely, though there are some that are very ugly. People from the Maldives are hideous too, they look like squat little brown monkeys or something. It’s my opinion and I am entitled to it. Asians by far have a more simian appearance than do most Africans, and that’s a damn fact.

Asians try to emulate Whites whenever possible, For some reason, they suffer under the delusion that the Caucasian race is the best looking, and when Asian women marry, they want to marry White men, When you look at Asian men, you start to realize why…but then Asian women aren’t that pretty themselves. You may find some that are cute, but those eyes…! Even eyelid surgery doesn’t help, and I’ve never been a fan of surgical procedures to obscure one’s ethnic features, You were born with those eyes, with that nose, with those lips, with that ass so live with them!

I truly wonder what it is about Asians that draw White people to them so, particularly Asian women. They are usually butt ugly, flat-chested and flat-assed, with short monkey noses and those weird slanted eyes. To me, Asians are just damn gruesome and I would never even consider being seen with an Asian man, and I have had plenty to try to it on me – especially via the Internet’s dating sites. One actually complimented me in person, this buck-toothed Southeast Asian creature I would not ever look twice at. Hell, not even once!

I think White men who have to marry Asian women do so because they’re unattractive themselves – this is the vast majority, at least in my area – and can’t snag a pretty enough White woman. If they did get a White woman, she’d probably be as icky-looking as the man. Also, a lot of these White men with Yellow Fever are old and desire a ‘virginal’ child-bride, and where better to find such a rarity than over in Asia, where you can get them young and fresh for the right price?

I once knew an interracial couple, a Black man named Roy and his Korean wife, Dina, whom he met when he was stationed overseas in the military. They had to very Asian-looking children with kinky hair named Chris and Kimel, both boys. They did have a daughter eventually but that was after they had moved from our neighborhood. Roy was very jealous of Dina, always thought she was trying to get some other Black man, and he was possessive as hell when she even tried to have a job. He even made her cut her long, straight black hair. She was okay looking for a Korean but Roy was crazy if he thought a lot of Black guys were after her because Black men in this area would rather date White women than Asians or Hispanics.

I have found that interracial couples tend to have more jealousy in their relationships than same race couples. It’s possibly one reason for the high divorce rates, with White women/Asian men having the highest rates. I never knew White women married Asian men like that, I wouldn’t have thought they would consider Asian men attractive enough to marry but women tend to marry men for security (financial reasons) and Asian men are more intelligent than White and Black men, also not as macho (aggressive), and White women love to wear the pants in their households.

I just think Asians look weird. When I look at them, I see the same complexions with slight shade variation, the same eye color (dark brown to black), and the same hair color and texture – straight black, maybe black-brown and dark brown. Even Blacks, despite what Whites may have said and thought years ago (and probably do still), don’t ‘all look alike’, we are too ‘mixed up’ from the years intermingling with Whites and Native Americans to all be ‘one shade’. Besides, because of all the different tribes in Africa, I don’t think we ever really looked alike in that way.

Asians have always been the weirdest-looking, least attractive race to me, and they always will be.


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