and why the fuck should I give a rat’s ass what happens to him? Why is it that when White man cry that they are innocent (like Steven Avery) in this country, every Bleeding Heart Liberal celebrity (Susan Sarandon and the bulldyke-looking nun she portrayed in the film Dead Man Walking to name two examples) is so eager to jump on the bandwagon to save his pathetic life?

According to the facts, Richard Glossip had been stealing left and right from his employer, Barry Van Treese. Now that doesn’t make him a murderer, but Van Treese had discovered Glossip’s thievery and his willingness to do something about it may have sealed his fate.

At the beginning of 1997, Mr. Van Treese decided to do an audit of both motels after it was determined that there were shortfalls. Before Mr. Van Treese left for Oklahoma City, Donna Van Treese, Barry’s wife, calculated Glossip’s net pay at $429.33 for the period ending January 5th, 1997, because Glossip had $211.15 in draws. On January 6, 1997, she and Mr. Van Treese reviewed the books and discovered $6,101.92 in shortages for the Oklahoma City motel in 1996. Mrs. Van Treese testified her husband intended to ask Glossip about the shortages. Sometime in December, Mr. Van Treese told Billye Hooper, the day desk manager, that he knew things needed to be taken care of, and he would take care of them the first of January. Hooper believed Van Treese was referring to Glossip’s management of the motel. Justin Sneed, by all accounts, had placed himself in a position where he was totally dependent on Glossip. Sneed started living at the motel when he came to Oklahoma City with a roofing crew from Texas. Sneed quit the roofing crew and became a maintenance worker at the motel.   He made no money for his services, but Glossip provided him with a room and food. Sneed admitted killing Mr. Van Treese because Glossip offered him money to do it. The events leading up to the killing began with Van Treese’s arrival at the motel on January.

The testimony of Justin Sneed, also known as Justin Taylor, apparently is the only evidence that Glossip was part of the murder conspiracy. However, other witnesses also testified to what can only be termed ‘shady behavior’ by Glossip before, during, and after Van Treese’s murder which leads me down the road to belief in his total guilt. So what if Sneed only got life without parole and Glossip got the Death Penalty? If Glossip hadn’t wanted Van Treese dead, the man would still be alive today.

Glossip suggested that Sneed take a baseball bat, go into Van Treese’s room (room number 102), and beat him to death while he slept. Glossip said that if Van Treese inspected the rooms in the morning, as he intended to do, he would find that none of the work had been done. Glossip told Sneed that both of them would be out of a job. Sneed went over to the Sinclair Station next door and bought a soda and possibly a snack.   He then went back to his room and retrieved the baseball bat. Sneed said he went to Van Treese’s room and entered using a master key that Glossip had given him. Van Treese woke up and Sneed hit him with the bat. Van Treese pushed Sneed, and Sneed fell into the chair and the bat hit and broke the window. When Van Treese tried to get away, Sneed threw him to the floor and hit him ten or fifteen times. Sneed also said that he pulled out a knife and tried to stab Van Treese a couple of times, but the knife would not penetrate Van Treese. Sneed received a black eye in the fight with Van Treese. He later told others that he fell in the shower and hit his eye.

A long time resident of the motel, John Beavers, was walking outside when heard strange noises coming from room 102. He then heard the glass breaking. Beavers believed there was a fight going on in room 102. After Sneed killed Van Treese he went to the office and told Glossip he had killed Van Treese. He also told him about the broken window. Sneed said that he and Glossip went to room 102 to make sure Van Treese was dead. Glossip took a $100 bill from Van Treese’s wallet. Glossip told Sneed to drive Van Treese’s car to a nearby parking lot, and the money he was looking for would be in an envelope under the seat. Glossip also told him to pick up the glass that had fallen on the sidewalk. Sneed retrieved the car keys from Van Treese’s pants and drove Van Treese’s car to the credit union parking lot. He found an envelope with about $4000.00 cash under the seat. 

Everhart and Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Tim Brown began discussing Glossip’s conflicting statements, so they decided to check room 102 on their own. At about 10:00 p.m. they discovered Van Treese’s body in his room. Sneed had already left the motel that afternoon, and he was not apprehended until a week later. Glossip was taken into custody that night, questioned and released.   The next day, Glossip began selling his possessions. He told people he was leaving town. However, before he could leave town, he was taken into custody again for further questioning. Subsequent searches revealed that Sneed possessed approximately $1,700.00 in cash, and that Glossip possessed approximately $1,200.00. Glossip claimed this money came from his paycheck and proceeds from the sale of vending machines and his furniture.


The jury found Glossip guilty of first degree (malice) murder, found the existence of the murder for remuneration aggravating circumstance, and set punishment at death.  Judge Gray formally sentenced Glossip in accordance with the jury verdict on August 27, 2004.

My take on the facts as the State of Oklahoma laid them out in Court of Criminal Appeals of Oklahoma. Richard Eugene GLOSSIP, Appellant v. STATE of Oklahoma, Appellee. No. D 2005-310. Decided: April 13, 2007, is that Richard Glossip is guilty as charged. The tragedy is that he may just get away with murder, thanks to the Libtards and other anti-Death Penalty do gooders out there. Get a life, people!


The innocent victim, totally forgotten in the Glossip Hoopla


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