There are some delusional people who actually believe that marrying a White person will improve their social standing, as well as the racial standing of their children. Asians in particular seem to share this misconception. I have actually heard Black women say that they would marry a White man just so their children could have light skin and ‘good hair’.

I don’t believe that marrying a White person will help your chances with anything, especially here in the South. Many Southern Whites are raised to believe that the races are different, and that’s how it is. That’s not to say there aren’t any interracial friendships or couples in the region. It’s just that in these states, marriages and friendships between Whites and others are more rare than in California, Alaska, New Mexico or Hawaii, for example.

My brother’s ex-wife is good friends with her next door neighbor, who is a Mexican woman married to a White man. She is one of those Hispanics who does not consider herself White, same as my former sister-in-law, who always called herself a ‘brown’ Mexican. This woman told my brother’s ex that she ‘wanted her children to be White’. It is obvious she believes that being with a White man has raised her status in American society, though how his family really feels about the partnership, I do not know. The kids, however, have a White appearance, just as she hoped for.

I have read in my research that in Australia, marrying or dating a White person will not help you if you’re Asian (this probably goes for Aborigines as well). I thought Aussies were more open-minded as far as race matters but evidently not, because this opinion came from an Asian woman living Down Under. She even wrote that Asians in the UK, Canada, and US may get somewhere by marrying White, but not where she lives. (I will research Australian racism and blog about it later.)

I do not believe that marrying White improves anything, unless you marry a rich White person – and rich people don’t usually marry those without money, except in very uncommon circumstances, It just doesn’t happen though sometimes a wealthy man will marry a woman who’s not in his league, if she’s knock-dead gorgeous or he thinks she is. If any non-monied person marries into wealth, they are marrying up, The skin color has nothing to do with it. I see a lot of attractive women with the most hideous men, and to judge by the flashy diamonds on their fingers…well, they married Mr. Butt Ugly for his money. Why not? Women have always looked to men to be the protectors, the breadwinners. Men look to women to be the homemakers who cook their meals and bring up their offspring.

I have known many interracial couples who were ‘tore down’ poor. Some had even been homeless for a time, so being with a White person certainly did not help the chances of the minority (usually a Black male) involved. At any rate, for a White woman married to a Black male, that is seen more as ‘marrying down’ for her. I am not sure the same is held for White men who marry Asian, Black, or Native American. (I don’t like to include Hispanic because that’s an ethnic term and not a race.) I’ve known a few White male/Asian female couples that were merely working or lower middle class but the women were actually ‘mail order’ brides or met the husband via the military. Asians worship the almighty dollar and they also put Whites on a pedestal they don’t really deserve, so it’s pretty much understandable that an Asian woman will marry a rich White man over a poor one, or even a wealthy Black – I don’t see any with Hispanics in my area.

What surprises me is that so many Native Americans intermarry. One would think that they would despise Whites after having been treated so badly by them, but intermarriage between Whites and Natives has been going on since the first Europeans landed in the New World, so what with the Native American Genocide, it’s a shock that there are actually any Native Americans left. Probably mostly half breeds than full bloods, though I am sure there are some that still claim 100% Native ancestry. It’s like with us Blacks too – we are so mixed up that Africans don’t truly consider us Black.

My opinion is this – marrying White may help you in some situations, but in the eyes of a White, you will still be Yellow, Brown, Red, and Black no matter how pale your spouse is or how light your children are. It won’t change your race, and genetics is genetics. The DNA is in there and no White spouse can bleach that away.


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