My furbaby just before dying after eating Whiskas

I was feeding my two cats, Tigger the male and Tigress the female, siblings who have been my constant companions since Spring of 2007, a grain-free cat food when I noticed that they were vomiting right after being fed. This kept on even when I fed them smaller quantities over the period of a day, so I decided to switch brands and because I had fed them Whiskas the previous year and they’d liked it, I went back to Whiskas. What a horrible, tragic mistake!

I bought 2 large bags via Chewy and started feeding my furbabies the next day. They seemed to love it. Then I noticed that one of them appeared to have diarrhea. I could not tell which one until a week had passed, and then I saw Tigress using the litter box and realized it was her. I called a vet and explained the situation. He suggested I feed her plain boiled chicken for a while, which I did. The diarrhea went away so I resumed feeding her Whiskas. Her poop became runny again, so I made another call to a different vet. She advised me to give my cat anti-diarrhea medication and also feed her a boiled chicken diet. I did. The diarrhea cleared up so I went back to the Whiskas. Again, runny poop…I tried dewormer to no avail.

Then I spoke with a third vet who told me that it was possibly the Whiskas making her sick, after I’d explained everything to him. He recommended Purina One for Adult Cats but by this time it was too late. Tigress refused to touch it, only sat on her blanket shivering and meowing because she either could not eat or was too scared to touch any cat food after that terrible Whiskas. I gave her canned food but she would only touch so much. I spoke to the vets again and they all pretty much agreed that Tigress was suffering from kidney failure and recommended that I have her euthanized, stating costs of $75 on up. I could not afford it, being on disability, so I had to watch as my furbaby suffered an agonizing death that could have been prevented had I realized in time that it was what I was feeding her that was causing her distress.

I am now about to initiate a class action lawsuit against the makers of Whiskas and anyone else who has had to watch helplessly as their own furbabies died after consuming Whiskas or any other product by this murderous company. I wish I had realized it in time and I will carry my guilt to the grave. cmsmith70 at gmx com for more details on how to go forward with me in getting this class action suit started. Thank you and I hope this post is a warning to all who have cats and plan to buy Whiskas – PLEASE DO NOT DO IT for the sake & life of your furbaby!

Pics show Tigress healthy, and then after 3 weeks of Whiskas. RIP my precious fur angel in cat heaven.


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