The Los Angeles Riots began about an hour after the acquittal of four White police officers who were on trial for the brutal beating of unarmed Black motorist Rodney King on 3 March 1991. Without a doubt, King led the officers on a high speed chase through LA County. But does that warrant such an ass whipping as he received from those Gestapo cops when they finally caught up with him? Hell no!

What we all saw on that videotape courtesy of George Holliday was savagery beyond belief. Some people will say Rodney King should have stopped. They will point out that he was high on drugs (he tested negative for PCP, which the cops claimed he was on at the time. King was drunk). They will declare that lawbreakers get punished. Some will even state that King kind of deserved it. Of course, White racists will say these things and more because that’s how such imbeciles are. When a Black person is shot by Nazi cops, s/he had it coming even when the victim is unarmed. It’s a modern day Lynch Mob mentality and Rodney King was almost lynched by those four White officers on that horrid evening in March 26 years ago. So the man had a record. Lots of people have records, that does not at all justify a thrashing by four cops armed with batons, Tasers, guns, and handcuffs.

The four Gestapo cops – Sergeant Stacey Koon and officers Laurence Michael Powell, Timothy Wind, and Theodore Briseno – were indicted by an LA Grand Jury on 15 March; 17 other officers who stood by and watched as that ‘uppity nigger got his Black ass beat’ were not included though they did nothing to prevent King’s battering, because as we all know the Boys in Blue gotta stick together. Even Black, Asian, and Latino cops will band together with their White brethren over you, so don’t try to get an attitude with them even when you’re in your rights as a human being because those Nazis won’t give a damn if you are a woman, a child, deaf, blind, elderly, mentally ill, retarded or physically handicapped. People have been killed just for reaching for their IDs or insurance cards or proof of registration. Cops are trigger-happy fools and I wonder why more of us aren’t outraged at the ongoing murders and injustices that are committed by these legal criminals every week across the country.

Blacks in LA County were fed up. Latasha Harlins had been murdered by a Korean storekeeper on 16 March in 1991 – Soon Ja Du tried to state that Latasha was stealing a bottle of orange juice, but the videotape cleared revealed that the teenager had $2 in her hand to pay for the juice. There was some type of struggle, and as Latasha was leaving the store, Du took out a gun and shot the 15 year old in the back of the head. This was an execution plain and simple, yet the White female judge only gave Du 400 hours of community service, five years of probation, and an order to pay the costs of the young girl’s funeral expenses. What the fuck…?!?! But Latasha was only a Black child, and the lives of Blacks in America aren’t worth much, even when it’s another minority and not a White who kills them. Asians tend to have a very low opinion of us anyway so it’s no surprise that they think we are all thieves, even when we are unarmed children with money in our hands.

Barely an hour after the ‘not guilty’ verdict – reached by a nearly all White Simi Valley jury – outrage broke out at the intersections of Florence and Normandie in South Central, an area that was heavily African American at the time that has since become almost predominantly Hispanic. Anyone who was not Black was pulled from their vehicles and beaten, including White trucker Reginald Denny, who allegedly – according to one gang banger on one of those tabloid TV news shows – used the ‘N’ word to insult the rioters. (Though I kind of doubt that, because who in his or her right mind would do that when faced with a bunch of angry young men of any race?) A Guatemalan immigrant, Fidel Lopez, was also severely beaten and robbed of almost $2,000, one of his attackers being Damian ‘Football’ Williams, who was involved in the Denny beating as well.

The verdict reached showed how little White Americans cared for the lives of their fellow citizens just because an ‘accident’ of birth gave them a different skin color. The same rings true today. White people simply do not care about us. It’s tragic and it’s sad but it’s so damned accurate and I really do not care how many non-White friends any Caucasian claims to have, or how ‘open-minded’ they say they are, Gospel is Gospel. If it ain’t White, it ain’t right. That’s how they think, always have and always will. We have no choice but to take things into our own hands now because it’s very clear that the White majority will never do so.

To Be Continued…


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