According to White Americans, White is the new Black.

Far Right (read: bigoted) Jewish essayists David Horowitz and Benjamin Shapiro had this to say about Black Privilege, that special status only conferred upon African Americans in this country:

David Horowitz, author of the book, “Black Skin Privilege and the American Dream,” says blacks are still more privileged, though they lag behind other racial groups in varying categories. It’s not white privilege that’s preventing them from doing better, he says; it’s their behavior, such as their inability to build more intact families.

Black privilege even extends to the White House, he says. Barack Obama was an inexperienced presidential candidate who was elected because Americans wanted to experience a post-racial sugar high, he says. “He wouldn’t be elected dogcatcher if he wasn’t black,” Horowitz says of Obama.

Some who invoke “black privilege” also make another argument: Who says all unearned advantages are wrong? In fact, some are unavoidable, says Benjamin Shapiro, a political commentator and author of an essay titled “Why White People Seek Black Privilege.”

“Birth to a two-parent family is an unearned advantage. Birth into wealth is an unearned advantage. Being born smart or tall or athletic is an unearned advantage,” Shapiro says. “But being born white in a rural backwater in West Virginia is not an advantage over being born the son of Colin Powell.”

Blackness, though, has become a “tremendous asset” in contemporary America, he writes in his column. Despite the “horrific and evil history of racism against black people,” being black today gives its recipients privileges ranging from landing coveted college scholarships to becoming activists who can build careers on racial grievances, he says.

I’d like to know where these two Hebrews get their information from, and why they would even make such ignorant statements. But that’s White people showing their true colors, it doesn’t matter what religion they are. It also doesn’t seem to matter to Horowitz and Shapiro that the White Right who shave their heads and burn crosses don’t even consider Jews to be human, but hey that’s their problem if they want to align themselves with people that hate them, they are all shitheads so what the fuck.

The childish jibes at former President Obama only reveal Horowitz’s own insecurity with being a Jew and his envy that a Black man made it into such a high position of power in the US, unlike his fellow Jews. As for Shapiro, the biggest group to ever benefit from activist careers built on racial grievances have been his own people – the Jews. They have been bilking money out of the German, Austrian, and Swiss peoples since the end of World War Two, because they are a greedy bunch who feels that the world owes them something as ‘six million’ of them were murdered during the Holocaust.

How can any White person in Amerikkka believe that s/he is the victim of institutional racism? Even my boyfriend, who is White, claims that Whites in this country get discriminated against. He states that there are more prejudiced Blacks in our city – but when Blacks act a certain way around Whites, it’s due to the racism they have experienced from White people in the past. If you have been taught that White people hate you because of your skin color, and have been the recipient of White bigotry for most of your life, how else would you react around them? With open arms and a great big smile?


White culture is the dominant one in the United States. White power dominates. White faces are the norm on most TV sitcoms, the News, commercials, and shows about missing or murdered people. Blacks were always excluded from beauty pageants, film, stage, TV, and positions of authority over Whites, so it stands to reason that we would feel a need to create our own pageants, movies, plays, television shows, and businesses where we could be the boss. However, when we do, what do White people say? That we are being ‘racist’. Isn’t that the damn pot calling the kettle black? Are Whites so damn blinded by snowy whiteness that they simply can’t see bullshit for what it is, or are they just that damn fucking racist?

There is no such thing as Black Privilege. There is no such thing as Brown or Red Privilege either, though there may be a type of Yellow Privilege. As for White Privilege, it does exist and it will always exist. White folks can whine and bitch and moan about being discriminated against all they want, but the fact remains that by dint of their skin color, which an accident of birth gave them, they have access to privileges not accorded to other races in White majority nations. It’s no excuse for any White person in this country, Canada, Britain, Australia, or New Zealand to be poor, uneducated, or out of work. White people can achieve what no other ethnic group can, and if they don’t, they have only themselves to blame for being lazy – like my fiance’s fat trashy sister – addicted to illegal substances and prescription pills, unschooled, and blaming minorities for their own apathy.


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