A modern-day Hitler wanna be

What is there to idolize about Adolf Hitler? He was a gutless coward who couldn’t face up to the Nazi Party’s defeat, nor the German nation who had put so much trust in him and his henchmen. He even had the nerve to blame the German people for losing the war! How can any person today worship the memory of such a wimp staggers the imagination. I have set out to learn why these people still adore Adolf so much because frankly, I can’t see the attraction even from a White Nationalist viewpoint.

I have seen many documentaries on White Nationalists, White Supremacists, and other White racists who have posters of Adolf Hitler and Swastikas and other symbols of Nazi Germany at their rallies, in their homes, on their shirts and flesh. They nearly always have a copy of Mein Kampf and will even read selections from it to the filmmaker and crew. If a person is crazy enough to get a tattoo of Adolf Hitler on his or her skin, that shows to all who see the ink that the wearer is a psychopath, pure and simple.

Okay, so Hitler did some good works before he quickly turned to his one true goal, the annihilation of the Jewish people (or race, as he called it), as well as Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roma (Gypsies), priests, homosexuals, mulatto children (the so-called Rhineland bastards), Slavs, resisters, and the mentally & physically disabled. He had the Autobahn built, which put unemployed men to work, he believed in the rights of animals, and he encouraged Germans to take vacations by giving them subsidized holidays, not to mention free public health – something we Americans will never receive unless we are mentally handicapped and on SSI, or anchor babies (I used to work for an agency that catered to illegal aliens and yes, their children got Social Security numbers, Medicaid, WIC, and food stamps).

Hitler killed not only Jews and Slavs and Gypsies, whom he considered inferior to the ‘Aryan’ race, but he also offed millions of Nordic peoples – the very type of people he proclaimed to be ‘superior’! True, the Brits killed thousands, perhaps even millions, of White people too when they bombed the hell out of Hamburg, Berlin, and Dresden in retaliation for the bombing of London and Coventry. But the Neo-Nazis aren’t worshiping Winston Churchill or Stalin, who also had millions of Whites killed. They are worshiping Hitler and his despicable image.

The funny thing about all the adoration of Hitler is, there are Slavic skinheads that venerate the man who called their peoples ‘subhuman’ and was hell-bent on destroying them as much as he was the Jews. British skinheads put him on a pedestal, as do White racists in every country that the Whites stole from the natives: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States. Most of the wars throughout history have been due to the White man’s conquest of others, his greed and his lack of moral decency which is echoed today in the rantings of the Far Right and their minions.

Many pro-White websites will point out that Hitler never meant to kill the Jewish people or the other groups targeted by the Nazis but that is so not true. Hitler spoke of exterminating the Jews in Mein Kampf, and he mentioned it in a speech given at the Reichstag on 30 January 1939. So he already had made up his mind as to what he wanted done about the ‘Jewish problem’. In December of 1941, the first gassing test of Jews was carried out at Chelmo and in September of 1941 at Auschwitz. While it was Reinhard Heydrich who came up with the ‘Final Solution’, he was no doubt acting out the orders of his fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, who gave the command to Goering to pass on to Heydrich. The henchmen were all in collusion with each other and with Hitler.

Pro-Whites should stop venerating Hitler and find a better role model to place on a pedestal but then the type of people that are drawn to racist movements aren’t the best educated of people, so it figures that these idiots would worship such a cowardly loser. SIEG HEILSIEG HEILSIEG HEIL! LOL.


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