There are actually White women who prefer Black men! Now according to those ignorant White Nationalists and their ivory brethren, only White women with little or no self esteem date or marry Black men (or any non-White male). Here is an example of their opinions borrowed from a White Supremacist website, poor grammar & misspellings not corrected:

Young white women are very aware of their physical appearance. Many are overweight. Even if it is a little they become hypersensitive about it. Instead of doing something like working to lose it. They run to seek acceptance about whatever it is that makes them feel vulnerable. Most know blacks are inferior whether they admit it or not. They can let it all out. A black guy will accept them and in the beginning shower them with compliments and they feel somewhat ” superior” with this black guy. I have had women who mix tell me these things. I have been hit on several times by black men. They can be shut down easiest I think by completely ignoring them. Not even acknowledgment of them speaking or being there.

Why some White women date black men…Because black men won’t leave them alone until they eventually crumble and give in. There, summed up in only a few words.

Bad Fathers; Brainwashed by ZOG; Self hate; There are three of the biggest reasons right there

Because they’re STUPID. Only an idiotic White woman would date a Negro. No further explanation is needed.

Here are reasons why they prefer Black men from White women themselves – 

I totally agree with all that was said: I too prefer Black Men. And for all the stated reasons. I do not drink, but to walk into a room where there are black and white and the black man looks at you and caresses you with his looks – you know – you just know Black Men are better. I have loved and prefer to be loved by only black men. Unfortunately, many black men are afraid of a white blond woman. I walk very proudly beside the black man that chose me for his life’s partner. Then life happens and you have to bury your love, and start over and then you have to walk in what God gives you. And you may say that is a lot of garbage but until you have experienced what I have you can not say it is garbage. May you have at least one grand awesome minute with a black man, and then you will also crave more – and not settle for less ever.

Black men have something white guys don’t have anymore: confidence in their masculinity, their sexuality. They clearly know they’re men. White men appear to be waiting for the latest sociological research study to let them know if they are men or not. Yet black men are gentlemen, something else white men no longer are. They make women feel like a woman, both respected and desired. she can’t let go of her inhibitions, her need to control, when she’s with them. How many white men can treat a woman like a lady and ravish her too?

Well, you should be happy about it I think ! no ? I’m a white girl and I like exotic relationships more than anything ! I think many black guys are cute, handsome, cool, sexy, etc, but no chemistry ! at least not yet ! I never desired any black guy sexually ! it is not a matter of racism, on the contrary ! I have close friends from all races, nationalities, etc , I don’t know what it is about ! I think it is not a matter of color but attitude , personality, character, beauty, sex appeal, etc , It depends on the girls anyways, ! I believe it is only a matter of frequent coincidence!

There are also Latinas who would rather date or marry Black men than Latinos:

“For me, black men identify with both sides of me,” said Adayna, 39, about her experience with dating black men versus dating Latinos. This Dominicana from South Carolina is now married to an African-American man, and feels that he relates to her perspective as a person of color and as an American. In her experience, “dating some Latino men went too far at the other end of the spectrum.” She added: “They understood my Latinoness, but not my experience as an American at times.”

Latinos have a rep for being possessive. That’s why many Latinas, like Zassha, prefer to date black men. “The Latinos I dated wanted everyone to know I was ‘theirs,’” she recalled. “I belong to no one, and my Nubian husband got that.”

Jenni, 29, has had similar experiences with black and Latino men. “I find they’re not as possessive (as Latinos) overall,” the Puerto Rican from the Bronx said. “Homie don’t play that possessive ish, so black men are my preference.” Sorry papi chulos, you’re just not these chica’s cup of tea.

I even found some Asians who prefer Black guys! It appears that Asian/Black dating is on the rise – maybe because Asian ladies are finding out that White men are not always a prize.

Hey! I’m a korean girl. I was born and raised my entire life in Chicago though, so I’m probably a bit more open-minded than first generation people. I’m actually really attracted to black guys. The well-educated ones are extremely polite, kind, and intelligent. It also helps that I like cute, tall, and muscular guys 🙂 But I’ve found that the majority of blacks don’t do much more than flirt with me… which makes me more prone to dating others who seem to reciprocate my interest.

Most men don’t make good husbands. But that’s mostly because most women don’t make good wives. Men and women need different things. And compromise is the only way to make relationships work. All the Asian girls I know like Black men as much as I do. It’s not as cut and dry as people make it. The heart is much more powerful than people realize. People cannot help who they love and attracted to, just like they can’t control whom they are not attracted to. Racism is silly and need not be a part of our world. It’s a made up issue that has no merit. People are who they are and not what they look like. Everything else is ignorance.

Sorry to burst your bubbles, White guy, but not every woman thinks you are a White Knight in Shining Armor, an object of desire to upgrade them from  a ‘lowly’ status to a higher socioeconomic level. I guess you can blame the Jews and hop hop culture for this – or perhaps your President Trump lol!



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