When I was a little girl, I hated boys and so I never thought about growing up and getting married. The idea of dating (courting, my grandmother & great aunts called it) was so foreign to me that even when I was entering puberty, the notion that I would one day be asked out by a member of the other gender seemed about as likely as an alien invasion of the United States (and I don’t mean illegals).

Ginger boy, not my cup of tea

Sure, there were boys I found attractive – When I was in fourth grade, a kid who lived up the street from us named Turner D used to bring me candy and everyone called him my ‘boyfriend’. There was a school chum named Andy T, and of course the Greek-American, Jimmy S. I did not view Greeks as White people back then, but I was child so what did I know? Another boy was Carlos R, who lived in the projects – Blacks who lived in houses looked down on those from the projects because they were considered ‘low class’ and ‘bad’, like Whites who live in trailer parks. I remember having a crush on a boy in another class but he never new about it, unlike those mentioned above. I can’t recall his name now to save my life; he was really cute though.


By the time I reached my early 20s, I found certain guys more of a turn on than others and my current preferences are pretty much the same as they were then. I am not a cougar by any means – young men do not appeal to me at all – and I find potbellies, halitosis, bald heads, poor personal hygiene, and a lack of intelligence a distinct turn off. Strong regional accents, poor grammar, a penchant for using the word ‘bitch’, and a disdain for women in general are also reasons not to be in a relationship. Some of my pet peeves with my fiance, who sometimes is just my boyfriend and other times my housemate (especially when he’s being an ass), are his conservative views, 420 lifestyle, criminal past, and total redneck appearance. You can’t mistake him for anything but a country boy with little education, alas. But he does work and he makes good money, not to mention he’s often kinder to me than I am to him.

Japanese actor

I have always preferred, however, White or Black guys more than others. I have watched a few Asian horror films and found a few of the actors on the cute side, these were usually Japanese, and Native Americans can be hot but for the most part, I do not find Asian men attractive at all. Blonds aren’t my type either, and redheads are even worse. Like most women, I prefer tall guys but have always ended up with short men or those that were barely of average height for a male. Fat men are a no-no.

Sexy but his nose is big

I have compiled a rating (1 – 10) of the various races (Hispanics aren’t included separately because they can be of any race) which follows below.

Southeast Asian

Asian (includes Indians, Thai, Pacific Islanders) – While I would give Native American men an 8 for overall attractiveness, men from India/Pakistan and similar places rate a 4, Polynesian/Micronesian guys a 5, Southeast Asians a 1, and Korean/Chinese/Japanese a 3. Indonesian guys are a 1, and Filipinos can get as high as a 2, sometimes more depending. I usually go for tan skin over very pale complexions when I look at a man.

Hot Native American
Too dark for my tastes

Black (includes Caribbean, Africans, Aborigines) – Black men with a skin tone close to Will Smith’s generally rate an 8 1/2 to 9 depending, very dark skinned guys are typically a 3 or 4, with some men from Africa getting a 2 (most receive a 1). Aborigines/Melanesian are also a 1. Really light skinned guys normally get a 6, though there are some that rate higher if they aren’t too yellow/red.

White (includes Europeans & Middle Easterners) – Middle Eastern men are the lowest rated of White men, with most Jewish guys included, typically a 1 though I sometimes find some that rate a 2 or 4. Blonds are a 3 for the most part, redheads 1 or 2 usually, with dark haired types getting the highest of all, an 8 or 9. But that also depends – anyone with a large nose gets a lower rating. Mediterraneans are usually more handsome but not when they have big noses and are overly hairy.

Jewish, not my type

I have dated Black, Latino, and White guys – my current beau is Caucasian – and I must admit that all of my dating site profiles attracted a number of men from various races, particularly White and dark skinned Blacks.

Cute Black guy

I know my biracial appearance (even though I’m not mixed, my mother is Black and my father is biracial) has a lot to do with it. If I were not light skinned, hardly any non-Black guys would try to date me. Most people are attracted to members of their own race, though Asians tend to find Whites to be more of a turn on, especially the females. Hispanics usually mistake me for one of their own, which I find annoying sometimes because they will approach me speaking in Spanish! As a tourist in Europe, I rarely received any strange looks (even in the Czech Republic) though I was often mistaken for a native in France and Germany. Go figure.

Nordic versus Mediterranean – you know who I would choose! Definitely the darker guy. Hitler’s Aryan ideal is certainly not mine, never have been and never will be.

I would post my fiance’s pic here but it might prove a bit embarrassing…


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