It’s true that the feel of human skin varies by race, and the flesh of brown-skinned peoples generally has a smoother touch than the skin of Caucasians. How would I know? I used to be a massage therapist before I became disgusted with the work. I didn’t work for Massage Envy but a private, locally owned operation, and I was training under a licensed massage therapist who not only was a PhD, but had her own small massage therapy school of sorts. At any rate, you could receive a diploma or certificate through her, and I was aiming for the certificate – which I received after 3 months of training and giving massages. The certificate allowed one to give basic Swedish massages, but if you wanted to learn how to give hot stone, Shiatsu, Thai, or deep tissue massages, you had to go for the diploma. I did not because I wasn’t too certain if I wanted to make massage therapy my life’s work. (In fact, I am seeking a tattoo apprenticeship at this time. I’ve always been an artist.)

Most of Donna’s (not her real name) clients consisted of middle aged men and a couple of elderly White men. There were a few women, but not many – my guess is that the ladies would rather get a massage from a man, which would be my choice if I were into that sort of thing. I noticed when I was in training that older guys had rougher skin, and White people in general had skin that was not very pleasant to touch. I especially thought the old men were all kinds of yucky, with their skin tags and cherry angioma and age spots and overall grossness. However, they were the biggest tippers so I swallowed my revulsion and did the best I could with a smiling face while the Oriental music played softly in the background and patchouli incense burned. I never worked topless or nude, it really wasn’t that kind of establishment…but we did offer the clients bottled water or a smoothie, and some of them even ordered facials or received an ‘herbal shave’ whilst they reposed with a satisfied smirk on their (usually) homely mugs.

Why am I going on and on about skin and touch and whatnot? Well, I learned from my brief stint as a massage therapist that the feel of skin of the various races and ethnic groups that made up Donna’s clientele felt different, according to race and even skin color. For example, the flesh of White men in the 40+ age range typically had a rougher feel than that of the younger men in their 30s. Black men had smooth flesh, as did the darker-skinned Hispanics and Indians. Middle-Eastern guys also had a less rough feel to their skin. The least attractive skin tones belonged to the Caucasians, and they very often had warts and other ugly spots and growths that I did not want to touch at all. A lot of Black men had stretch marks in their thighs, maybe from gaining and losing too much weight rapidly. The fellows weren’t nude, so I can’t tell you anything about that. I can only tell you about their skin and how the White guys would have very rough flesh where the sun typically burnt them – on the upper chest and neck, upper back, forearms, and lower legs. I’m assuming their butts must have been ivory compared to their sun-exposed skin, which was often red-tinged and damaged by UV rays.

wonder why it is that White people have such an ugly skin texture? When they’re young, you can tell that it’s soft and all, but when that sun damage starts revealing itself more fully, usually by the time they’re in their 30s, you can see the freckles and melanoma and wrinkles and other effects of harsh weather conditions combined with ageing. Honestly, I don’t understand how Asians can look at a White person and find them so damned attractive simply because of their skin. I truly don’t find it appealing, and even though I am currently with a White guy, I often stare at him and try to figure out why. I guess I love him, I certainly am fond of him even though he’s got a bit of a Napoleon complex and can be a pig about sweets (ice cream in particular). But his skin is definitely not attractive, he’s pink even though he claims to have Cherokee Indian blood  – a lot of White Southerners state this even though it’s more likely that the non-White genes they possess are actually African in nature.

Olay conducted a Multi-Decade and Ethnicity (MDE) study to understand the skin aging process. Conducted with Dr. Alexa Kimball of Harvard Medical School, the study examined 350 women from four different ethnic groups and spanning six decades, with participants ranging in age from their 20’s to 70’s. Their findings won’t surprise you. “Women of African-American background aged slower than women of Caucasian background as far as skin appearance was concerned,” says Olay principal scientist, Dr. Frauke Neuser. “In fact, the aging process seemed to be slowed down by about 10 years.” While darker skin is more prone to scarring, lighter skin is prone to faster ageing and plastic surgery won’t fix it. Good genes, avoiding nicotine, drug abuse, excessive caffeine, and taking care of your skin in general are the easy ways to avoid embarrassing deep lines by the eyes, mouth, and across the forehead. Also, stop all those unnecessary , exaggerated facial expressions!

I cringe when I look at old White people because they are really quite ugly. Awful to write this, but at least I am being brutally honest and not a hypocrite like so many. White skin is simply not attractive, it’s no wonder they high-tail it for the beaches as soon as the temps start hitting the 80s. spend hours lying under heat lamps in tanning salons, and spray self-tanner all over their repulsively pale bodies. Not that Oompa Loompa Orange is any more a turn on than ivory, pale beige, or freckled White. I’m grateful not to have been born a Caucasian despite their power and status in society and the world at large. I’d rather be the lovely woman of color that I am and not have to worry about looking like a hag at 50 than to be a White woman even though she’s considered such a Goddess by many males. (Those men are not the type I’d want to be with anyhow if they truly believe White women are such a beautiful prize.) Hell, my boyfriend calls most White women ‘swamp critters’.

The latest social media/Google question is, ‘Why do White people age like bananas?’ I noticed as a teenager that a lot of the White students already had laugh lines and were getting forehead lines too, and these were fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen year old kids! In college, it was even worse. I turned 47 this year and I don’t have one line in my forehead, not one! Even my own sperm donor of a father was amazed, and noted so to his friends. I do have lines by my mouth, but hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, and lactic acid help to diminish those, and I don’t have to worry about crows’-feet because I do not have any. It’s not simply good genes either. It’s just that Black Don’t Crack, as true a saying as any I have ever heard. Yes, some Blacks do get wrinkles and such, and if you’ve got a lot of Caucasian DNA, it can show in the form of facial lines and all. I have a lot of British DNA and the Brits tend to age very badly, but fortunately the African DNA has so far won out over the Scandinavian and Irish.

Can you believe they are the same age?!?!


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