I can understand how the family of convicted murderer of two of the people who should have mattered most to him, Scott Peterson, would wholly believe in his innocence. There are websites advocating justice for this killer of his loving wife Laci, who was nearly eight months pregnant with their first child, a boy who was to be named Conner. If Scott were a Black or Hispanic man, would the public be so ready to come to his aid? I declare not. Yet just as with Steven Avery and Richard Glossip, when it comes to White men behind bars or on Death Row, Americans are ready to do battle.
If Scott was such an innocent lamb, would he have had in his possession the following items when he was arrested –
  1. approximately $15,000 in cash
  2. four cell phones
  3. multiple credit cards belonging to various members of his family
  4. an array of camping equipment, including knives, implements for warming food, tents and tarpaulins and a water purifier
  5. nine pairs of footwear (shoes, boots, flip flops)
  6. several changes of clothing
  7. a T-handled double-edged dagger
  8. MapQuest map to Frey’s workplace (printed the previous day)
  9. a shovel
  10. 2 ropes
  11. 200 blister packs of sleeping pills
  12. Viagra
  13. his brother’s driver license
Not only all that, but he had bleached blond his hair and goatee. Does that sound like the action of an innocent man to you? I have read a couple of books on the case, and I have one in my collection of true crime. Having read those as well as several articles on Scott Peterson, as well as a segment of a documentary I have on killers which features this case, my conclusion is that he’s guilty as fuck and should never, ever be set free. He’d probably torture and murder Amber Frey if he’s ever released.
About that affair with Amber – she testified that Scott told her that he was a widower, and even lied about where he lived and traveled. Comparing photos of Laci with Amber, I would have to put Scott in prison for even choosing that long-faced woman over his bubbly, pretty wife, but I guess some men have poor eyesight. Or maybe Amber was a seductress in the bedroom. Men love women who know how to have sex.
I have heard the Scott’s favorite movie was The Shining, in which a deranged man attempts to murder his wife and son. Sound familiar? I know, I know, that doesn’t mean he actually killed Laci and his unborn child but…damn, the similarity is definitely creepy. It reminds me of Jeffrey Dahmer’s weird fascination with The Exorcist III. (I have that film but I don’t care for it much. I do like The Shining, however. Stanley Kubrick’s interpretation, not Stephen King’s version.)
Scott wanted to live the freewheeling single life, and when he told the investigators that he’d ‘gone fishing’ the day of his wife’s disappearance, he wasn’t totally lying: he had gone fishing, just for a different type of fish.

California hasn’t executed a Death Row prisoner in 11 years, and has only put to death 13 men since the Death Penalty was reinstated in 1978. There are more than 750 prisoners currently on Death Row in that state. It’s doubtful that Scott will ever pay the ultimate penalty for his crimes (as he is scheduled to do in 2021 should his appeals be unsuccessful), same as Richard Ramirez he will probably die of natural causes –

but behind bars, I should hope.

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